How to work with February's New and Full Moon

How to work with February's New and Full Moon

By: Simona Schimanovich

How will this month's New and Full Moon impact you? February is one of the most intense months of 2021 with powerful cosmic alignments, but soon things will start to settle.

February 11th - New Moon in Aquarius

February 11th/12th brings us the Chinese New Year with the New Moon falling into the sign of Aquarius. This is a powerful new beginning and an important moment to set our intentions.

With a total of six cosmic bodies – Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, the sun, and the moon – lining up in Aquarius we’ll experience a rare astrological alignment called a Stellium at this New Moon. It gives us a strong focus on Aquarian energy for all of February as we are moving further into the Age of Aquarius.

All the profound changes we have been experiencing on internal and external levels since 2020 are part of a major transition as we are entering this new age. And as we know by now, this isn’t just an incremental change, but a massive deconstruction and release of our old ways that is needed to shift into this completely new paradigm.

The sign of Aquarius is about breaking away from the old – it is connected to revolution, innovation, and new technologies. Aquarians don’t like to follow the rules, they are free thinkers who are ahead of their times, bringing the future with them.

Big themes for Aquarius are collaboration, community, equality and humanitarian issues. The new age will be asking us to come together in unprecedented ways to solve the global issues on our planet as one human family.

Spiritually, Aquarius energy is linked to higher consciousness and Awakening. While these times are asking us all to dig deep, more and more people around the world are waking up to a new level of consciousness.

As Aquarius is linked to Quantum leaps and major jumps in our evolution, we are collectively raising our consciousness to create a new world and a new future.

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February 27th - Full Moon in Virgo

After the great concentration of Aquarius energy in the beginning of February, the Virgo Full Moon on the 27th will help us find solid ground again.

As the Full Moon always falls into the opposite sign the sun is in, we are invited to come back into balance. While Aquarius energy is unconventional, out-there, and innovative – the Earth sign of Virgo is known for being practical, organised, and detail-oriented.

This Full Moon in Virgo can help us to come back to healthy routines and make a clear plan to move forwards again after the last weeks of Mercury Retrograde.

Use this full moon to release any unhealthy habits and patterns – physical, mental or emotional – that might have crept up during these times of lockdown. The Virgo full moon carries beautiful healing energies, inviting us to focus on nourishing our body and mind.

As Virgo energy is connected to our health and wellbeing, this is a great time to come back to our yoga practice, do a cleanse, or to clear the clutter from our environment. We can use this Full Moon to establish healthy routines as we are moving into spring.

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