How to work with July's New and Full Moon

How to work with July's New and Full Moon

By: Simona Schimanovich

JULY'S LUNAR CYCLE Since Eclipse season we’ve all been through a period of transformation and growth. With some powerful alignments, July promises to be a very dynamic month - especially the first half. The cosmic energies encourage us to push past any fear and find a new sense of confidence.

Kicking off with a T-square between Mars, Uranus, and Saturn, the most prominent theme of 2021 is highlighted: An ongoing struggle between the old vs. the new – authority and rules (Saturn) vs. freedom and innovation (Uranus). And Mars energises this tension. You might have felt the intensity or a sense of frustration and restlessness with a need to break away from the old. This is a time to stay centered and look after ourselves – as our emotional security is in focus in Cancer season. Mid-month brings us sweeter energies with the beautiful alignment of the cosmic lovers Mars and Venus on July 13th. This meeting is the union of yin and yang, or feminine and masculine energies.

####July 10th - New Moon in Cancer On July 10th, the New Moon falls into her home sign of Cancer, bringing us a new beginning to embrace these qualities in our lives. As the Cardinal water sign, Cancer carries an energy that initiates and sets things into motion – it moves powerfully like a waterfall or crashing wave. This is a time of strong emotions, great sensitivity, and heightened intuition. It’s a time to trust your inner guidance and follow your gut feeling – even if the rational mind can’t keep up. Ruled by the moon, the sign of Cancer is connected to our home and family. It represents the archetype of the mother – the divine feminine and her quality of caring and nurturing. Moving through these transformative times, we are invited to become more caring with ourselves, others, and the Earth. When we are connected to our feminine energy, we are able to make decisions with a long-term perspective. How can we use this time of change to create a better world, not only for ourselves, but for generations to come? Start with yourself – This new moon is a wonderful time to dive into extra self-care and treat yourself in a more loving and nurturing way. Remember to set your intentions for this beautiful new cycle!

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####July 23rd - Full Moon in Aquarius Ever since last year, the sign of Aquarius has been coming into focus. We are said to be shifting into the Age of Aquarius, so this energy is growing in importance and taking us into the future.

2021 brings us not only one but two Full Moons in Aquarius in a row! (but then, nothing is boring or usual when it comes to Aquarian energy...) The July and August Full Moons can be seen to be working in tandem, with each shining a different light on the theme that unfolds. In August we might experience a replay or a new insight into this story.

Ruled by the planet Uranus, the planet of electricity that likes to shake things up and bring disruption and shock, the sign of Aquarius represents the maverick that breaks away from the old in order to create innovation and Awakening. Aquarian energy is progressive and advanced. It doesn’t move in linear ways, it brings sudden jumps and Quantum leaps with the power to propel us collectively into a higher consciousness. Under this full moon, we can break away from old, low vibrational patterns, and instead of following the crowd, move forward courageously creating our own path.

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