How to work with June's New and Full Moon

How to work with June's New and Full Moon

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After the potent energies of May, June is asking us to slow down.

This month brings us the second and final Eclipse of this Eclipse season and four major planets in Retrograde (Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter) giving us a period to slow down and reflect.

Mercury has just turned Retrograde on the 29th of May in its ruling sign of Gemini and will be retracing its steps for most of this month until the 22nd of June.

The end of the month brings us the Summer Solstice and the brightest days of the year.

June 10th - Solar Eclipse in Gemini

After the intensity of the Total Lunar Eclipse, the second and final Eclipse of this season is the Solar Eclipse on 10th June. Like an amplified New Moon, it represents a completely new beginning as we start into a fresh chapter.

This Eclipse falls into the air sign Gemini which is said to be very flexible, adaptable, and agile.

The symbol for Gemini is the twins and this duality represents exchange and interaction. Communication, exchange of ideas, trade, and technology are highlighted in this time – and the Gemini New Moon brings us an opportunity to set our intentions in these areas. It’s a great time to improve our communications, socialise, be creative, launch projects online, and share our ideas in new ways.

Gemini energy moves very fast – but as Mercury, its ruling planet, is currently going Retrograde in its own sign we are asked to review and reflect instead of launching forward. This influence makes it a good time to go back to unfinished projects, reconnect with friends we haven’t spoken with for a while, and go over any communications that might have gotten lost over the last months.

The sign of Gemini also rules over the mind and our thoughts. With Mercury in Retrograde, this is a powerful time to become very aware of our mental chatter and any thought patterns that are not serving us.

Our thoughts are very powerful and create our reality. We can use this time to cultivate clarity and kindness in our thoughts and inner dialogue.

This Solar Eclipse in Gemini gives us an opportunity for a profound reset, so we can move forwards into a fresh chapter, completely renewed.

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June 24th - Full Moon in Capricorn

2021 may have felt like it has been racing forwards, but now it seems that the Universe is giving us some time to catch our breath and integrate what we have learned so far.

With Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter in Retrograde, we are experiencing strong Retrograde energy as we move through a time of slowing down to retrace our steps, reevaluate, and restructure. As we emerge from the last months of quarantine and self-isolation the stars are giving us a sign to continue to move slowly and carefully while we process and integrate our lessons from this time.

On June 21st, we reach the longest day of the year and astronomical peak of summer with the Summer Solstice – a sacred time of the year when we can celebrate the abundance of sunlight and nature.

Just after this on the 24th of June, we will have a Super Full Moon in Capricorn, supporting us in grounding ourselves after the turbulent energies of the eclipses.

The oldest Earth sign, Capricorn is linked to our career, ambition, determination, and our higher purpose. This full moon brings us an opportunity to clear whatever is holding us back and come back into integrity where needed – so we can serve on a higher level.

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