Introducing Delight Online Yoga Journeys

Introducing Delight Online Yoga Journeys

By: Delight Yoga

We have something new for you coming up: to keep supporting you in your practice during lockdown, we have created online yoga journeys. These journeys are a series of shorter classes centred around a theme or intention. Our first journey starts next week:

Your Body, Your Yin Practice guided by Jonas Nathan & Shari Iskandar

(Six 30-minute classes)

A series of short practices with Jonas and Shari where you will target specific muscles and areas of your body. These sessions will help you to unwind and release any stress or tension, so you can find your natural flow of energy.

Every class will target a different area of the body where Jonas helps you to explore different variations of each pose. By learning about your body’s anatomy, you will be able to skillfully adapt the yoga poses to your needs. You can do one of these short practices any time in the day, or you can combine them and compose a longer practice if you need it.

Check out the series and feel free to choose which part of your body you would like to work on first. Using these practices to come back to yourself. Home.

Coming up this month:

Bring Back the Ease in Daily Life guided by Jenny Schoenmann

(Five 20 - 30 minute classes)

In these short sessions, Jenny Schoenmann will share her wisdom and some simple practices to adjust in your everyday life schedule.

Jenny will guide you through simple practices that give you the right handles for every moment of the day being in balance with yourself and your health. These ‘easy-to-adjust’ basic routines will support you in a very profound way to release stress and will keep you in connection with yourself.

Wild & Free, Experienced Vinyasa guided by Jolijn Bruijnaers

(Seven 30 - 60 minute classes)

Jolijn will take you on a journey during short and strong yoga practices of 30 - 40 mins each. Every class has a new theme and a new challenge that will spice you up during these cold winter days.

These short energetic practices will prepare you for a full, strong, and playful class (the 7th session) that makes you feel free, wild, and alive.

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