Introducing our new Space@Work Program

Introducing our new Space@Work Program

By: Delight Yoga

’Behind your desk’ yoga for a healthy way of working

Long hours behind a computer can be strenuous on the body and the mind.How can you provide physical and mental space at work for your employees? Delight Yoga offers the Space@Work program, especially designed to work behind a computer in a healthy way. The program offers a series of effective ‘behind the desk’ practices that are rooted in yoga.

The Space@Work program makes it easier to find the right posture, apply self-care and stay centered throughout the workday.

####The benefits of the Space@Work program: 1. Healthy posture The program is based on the use of the i-crown, a specially developed tool to support a healthy posture. It helps to reset muscle memory and is an effective prevention for neck and shoulder problems.

  1. Develop body and mind awareness By developing body and mind awareness it becomes easier to connect with the inner needs. Employees will learn how to feel and respond to their body better throughout the workday.

  2. Increase focus A healthy body posture contributes to a calm mind. Committing to the Space@Work practices reduces stress and increases a feeling of well-being.

Would you like to learn more about the Space@Work program? Contact us to explore how we can help you help your organization.

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