Join our Online Academy Masterclass & Open Day

Join our Online Academy Masterclass & Open Day

By: Delight Yoga

In order to give you more insight into our 4-year Ayurveda Practitioner Studies (APS), we’re offering an online Academy Masterclass & Open Day, including three short Ayurveda classes to give you a taste of what it would be like to study with us.

Are you thinking of deepening your Ayurveda knowledge to a professional level and would like to join the 4-years Ayurveda Practitioner Studies? Come and join us to experience the teachings, get to know various teachers of our faculty, meet our academy directors Coen van der Kroon and Martine van Beusekom, and ask us all the questions you might have about the study.

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies

We are happy and grateful to start another year of our Ayurveda Practitioner Studies. This four-year, 200 EC study program has been accredited by the independent accreditation organization Stichting Nederlands Register voor Opleidingen (SNRO) at Bachelor level (HBO-niveau in Dutch) since September 2017. This accreditation is an essential part of the license to practise Ayurveda professionally.

This study program is for anyone who is interested in becoming an Ayurveda Practitioner or those who would like to deepen their professional knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of Ayurveda. The APS is a serious and in-depth study program where students study all major aspects of Ayurveda. At the same time, students develop skills to support (future) clients on their path to health and to treat them for various health issues.

What you will learn:

This afternoon will provide you with 3 classes on different ayurvedic topics as well as a general presentation about the study program.

The three different classes taught during the Masterclass are:

Ayurvedic Yoga

Basic Principles: Rasa - the Juice of Life

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Additionally, general information about the study program including all practical details will be shared after these classes, including plenty of time to ask your questions to Coen van der Kroon and Martine van Beusekom. There will be APS teaching material, textbooks, and study guides available. This introduction will give you the opportunity to experience the Ayurvedic teachings in a conceptual and experiential way.

Delight Academy

Delight Yoga started Delight Academy in August 2016, and we have since developed - and continue to do so - learning programs in response to the present world situation; the need for yoga, yoga teachers, and Ayurveda practitioners. Delight Academy offers unique training programs that unfold organically in a variety of subjects, based on the ancient Yoga & Ayurveda traditions. We hope these programs will benefit the world now as well as for generations to come.

Our Academy Ayurveda faculty consists of dedicated teachers with extensive experience in sharing the beautiful knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda.

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