Meditation & Mantra: Let Go of Fear and Find Peace

Meditation & Mantra: Let Go of Fear and Find Peace

By: Kevin Sahaj

A meditation and mantra to let go of fear in oneself and to help others who have died to find peace.

Sit quietly and focus on your heart center, allow your breath to settle into the heart and when you feel centered and relaxed focus visualize the ones you love in front of you and start chanting the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM with the recording or you can chant it in your own way.

OM MANI PADME HUM is the great mantra of compassion and freedom, it comes from Tibetan Buddhism but you don’t have to be a buddhist for it to help.

As you chant this mantra visualize loving wisdom light coming from your heart center and radiating out to the people/person you want to help or you can do it also for yourself to overcome fear and awaken wisdom. See the light going out in all directions and when the light hits the person they become full of peace, joy and wisdom. You can see them turning into light beings, overcoming all darkness, fears, attachments and anger and sailing off into the compassionate light that fills the entire universe.

If the person has left the body already, then say “it is ok to let go, you can follow the light without fear, we love you and want you to be free, we are all one with the light” or feel free to make your own prayer. Essentially we want to help them feel it is ok to let go into the light without fear or regret.

Do this as long as you feel and in the end make the dedication: “May all beings be happy and free from fear, may we all realize the body of light”

Here you'll find a recording of the mantra, in case you like some support.

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