Delight Yoga’s Theme of The Month: why and what?

by Delight Yoga, 29-Dec-2017

yoga as a sacred path

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To inspire ourselves and each other we share a theme of the month, helping us to understand who we really are.

This year, we love to give our attention to the moon's cycles, honoring and being inspired by the feminine source of wisdom - embodying the gifts, talents, abilities, and principles of the womanhood. To stand for truth and bringing it to our spiritual practices and true yoga of connectivity with the earth and the universe; to reconnect humankind to the source of existence itself. This is the aim of all yoga practices.

We will follow the map of healing of the book 'The 13 Original Clan Mothers' by Jamie Sams. Jamie received the story of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers by two Kiowa (Native American) Grandmothers who where teachers in the early 1970s. The two grandmothers passed on their tradition, when Jamie was 22 and they were 120 and 127 years old, to help people (man and woman) to reconnect to Earth Mother. This legacy is known with many tribes who remember the true wisdom, and belongs to all the Children of Earth.

Jamie toke this legacy, upon which she has built her life. It has taught her to see the beauty of her sisters and brothers of all races and creeds, it has comforted her when she was weavy or in pain and has taught her how to heal herself. When we integrate these stories, teaching us our potential and greatest capacity to love and to be loving and to heal ourselves, we can allow our world to reclaim a new point of balance between male and female.

We feel the time is now to take responsibility for this to happen. Every month another wise woman will write about the theme that is connected to the month.

We hope you enjoy it. 

Namaste with Love,

Satya and Dolores

When we heal ourselves, others are healed. When we nurture our dreams, we give birth to the dreams of humankind. When we walk as loving aspects of the earth Mother, we become the fertile, life-giving Mothers of the Creative Force. When we honor our bodies, our health, and our emotional needs, we make space for our dreams to come into being When we speak the truth from our healed hearts, we allow life abundant to continue on our Mother Planet.

Themes and wise women writing

1. January: Talks with Relations by Kristin Vikjord Paternotte, you can read it here.

2. February; Wisdom Keeper; Alixe van Ogtrop, you can read it here.

3. March; Weights the Truth; Ingeborg Timmerman, please find her article here

4. April; Looks far Woman; Ira Hardjosusono, please find here article here

5. May; Listening Woman; Martine van Beusekom, please find her article here

6. June; Story Teller; Lidewij Severins, please find her article here

7. July;  Loves all things, Katka Jacz, please find her article here

8. August; She Who Heals; Victoria Hyndman, please find her article here

9. September; Setting Sun Woman; Dolores Mae Höppener,please find her article here

10. October; Weaves the Web; Tianjin please find her article on the blog soon 

11. November; Walks Tall Woman; Kimberly Poppe

12. December;  Gives Praise; Daphne Luttger

13. January; Becomes Her Vision; Satya


Do you like to work with the spirit of one of the Thirteen Wisdom Keepers?

After reading the theme of the month, you might want to call upon the wisdom of the Month. This can be done by entering ‘Tiyoweh’, an Indian way of calming the mind and sitting in the Stillness, to listen or receive.  The ceremony of Tiyoweh is always done alone, away from the bustle of daily activity. Then, the person uses focus to invite a particular Clan Mother into the fertile silence of her or his Sacred Space, allowing the purity of her or his heart to send the unspoken invitation.

We also offer Women Circle’s every month, please find more information here.


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