November: Inner Peace

by Dolores Mae Höppener, 30-Oct-2017


Inner Peace


“What’s above is as below.
What’s below is as above.”


With the second edition of the Inner Peace Conference in our hearts, I feel a lot of gratitude for this months' theme. Since we started the event last year, inner peace has become my number one priority in life.  I feel it’s our duty to try to feel peace within, as it’s connecting every moment, every situation, to the love we are. Being one with life instead of fighting against life: it brings us to being here Now, instead of inviting the future or wandering around in the past. Bringing us where joy, humour, and playfulness are fully alive.

The moment I am writing this, I am traveling and am noticing that most people’s first reactions to (unexpected) things are negative; mumbling words like ‘gosh’, making signs, rolling eyes and express a lot of frustration. Actually, it’s quite funny to watch this from a distance now that I know that we are creating this suffering ourselves. 
During this year’s conference, 17th-century engravings collected by the Ritman Library showed that even back then, great minds knew that our species have the possibility to learn about ourselves. That we have the ability to reflect, understand who we truly are and by that experiencing inner peace, that what we truly are.

By not having any understanding of ourselves, we cannot understand others. The mind, or something that is distracting us from feeling peace, is so trained in creating separation and comparisons. In a sense, it’s giving us the feeling we are better when something else in our opinion is not good. It's that feeling in itself is creating our own suffering, as a result of which frustration mounts. Every second of each day, there’s an alternative available though, in which we do not judge, nor compare, nor fight. An alternative that brings joy and a smile, or a tear… An alternative in which all is good, in which we love all and in which we feel that we have literally nothing to worry about. That, to me, is inner peace. And it's possible for everyone to experience this! Let this affirmation inspire us this month: 

All negativity has no truth. It has literally no sight, no realness and no height. So focus on the light, as this is literally all you see; it is everything.

About Dolores Mae Höppener

What brought you to Delight? “Awareness ;-). Haha, ironically, I think it was the practice of yoga that brought me to Delight (the light ;)). At a certain moment, I didn't want to (almost couldn't) put my effort in something that - to me - was not benefiting the world. Just a few days after this strong feeling, I bumped into Maarten. From the first moment, it felt good to start working together. I joined the team by working for Delight Agency from there I grew with the organisation.