November: The importance of self practice

by Kevin Sahaj, 31-Oct-2016

Do you have a practice of yoga that you do regularly at home by yourself?

If the answer is yes then you may have understood what is the real meaning of yoga practice: to dive deeply into yourself and find what is truth. Yoga practice is a inner journey, not an outward performance. So easily we can fall into the western mind trap of performance, technology and achievement. But we can miss the point of the purpose of yoga if we make it another thing that we have to achieve, or do to get somewhere or to attain something.

Nobody but yourself can experience what is this mystery of your sacred Body, Heart and Mind, and the only way to find out is to turn the eyes towards oneself and explore this sacred mystery of "who am I". This yoga inquiry is fresh moment by moment and isn't going anywhere other than right NOW.

Yoga practice is like playing a musical instrument. The notes on the scale are the asanas, the breath is the movement and the song that is played is the inquiry in the unfolding moment that you are. This song is deeply personal, and unique to you.

The depth of your practice is found in the sacred time that you devote to this yogic inquiry. Even in a led yoga class or a Mysore practice it is still your practice. Your yoga is for you to discover what is true and what is not, what is real and what is unreal and what is this "i" that remains conscious while all things are bound to change.

Try to make time at home alone where you do your self practice and connect to what the yoga enquiry really means to you in the circumstances of your life.

Who Am I? I am pure Awareness. This Awareness is by its very nature Being-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda).

Ramana Maharshi

About Kevin Sahaj

Kevin Sahaj is a dedicated yoga practitioner who has been studying and practicing yoga for 30 years. His approach to teaching is eclectic and draws from many different methods and teachings to help students align their lives towards awakening.