My Ayurveda Practitioner Studies Experience at Delight Academy

My Ayurveda Practitioner Studies Experience at Delight Academy

By: Delight Yoga

I didn’t really plan on studying Ayurveda, just like I never thought I would become a yoga teacher until it happened.

The only thing I remember was listening to Coen van de Kroon talking about the word ‘Rasa’ (‘taste' in Sanskrit) and all its meanings during an ‘Open Day’ and being sure that I wanted to hear more. It was a mix of intuition, call, curiosity, and fascination that made me fill in the folders and subscribe that same day.

When school started, I knew almost nothing about Ayurveda. My only reference was the book ‘Prakriti’ from Dr. Robert Svoboda. Although the book is quite easy to understand, after finishing it I came to the conclusion that Ayurveda was a path I should walk with guidance. Again, I didn’t know exactly why I felt that way, but it was a strong intuition.

And like it is said: when the student is ready, the teacher appears. There I was, starting my first year at the Delight Academy Ayurveda, and here I am, 4 years later and about to finish it.

####The Journey Between ‘there’ and ‘here’ a lot happened. From struggling and sometimes even doubting about it, to surrendering and fully incorporating Ayurveda into my life. The journey that the Ayurveda Academy offers to its students is beautiful and unique, and just like in Ayurveda, for each person it will be different. However, the quality, the commitment, and the enthusiasm of the teachers are the same towards everyone.

The way the course content is presented over the years helps us not only to build up a solid base in Ayurveda but also to discover our affinities and how to develop our skills. Nutrition, massage, herbology, clinical practice, yoga, Sanskrit, and the ancient texts… there are many gateways to travel this path.

####Becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner at Delight Academy An important and quite unique aspect of the Academy is how it presents the knowledge of Ayurveda through the ancient, classic texts. I must confess that it took me some time to understand the real importance of that, but now, 4 years later, I cannot imagine doing it differently. By learning Ayurveda from the source, the tendency to find a parallel between Western Medicine and Ayurveda stops making sense. You understand that it is not the similarity with the modern perspective that gives legitimacy to Ayurveda, but the system in itself. The direct connection with the source opens the door to authenticity and from there, to credibility.\

And for the ones that ask how come a medical system created 4.000 years ago when people and society were so different, can still be applied nowadays, Dr. Vijith (the Academy’s Medical Director) likes to answer: * “Many things have changed indeed, but there is one fundamental thing that is still the same: the Digestive Tract. The food we eat is still entering the body from the mouth. It’s digested in the same way and the waste still comes out the body from the same place as it did 4.000 years ago.”* The digestive tract, the starting point of all clinical approaches, the place where everything comes out and goes back to balance still works the same way. That’s the key, the beauty, and the magic of Ayurveda. The connection with this power within us to transform, maintain and create life.

We carry this wisdom (Veda) of life (Ayu) within. A wisdom that not only integrates us with Nature but shows that there is no difference between Nature and us. And when you start to learn and incorporate Ayurveda more and more, you realize that we all carry this knowledge. It’s being given to us, together with Life.

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