New! Delight Summer Card: Balance Your Pitta

New! Delight Summer Card: Balance Your Pitta

By: Delight Yoga

Happy news! Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Balance Your Pitta program, we have extended the sign-up for the program to 31 July. We'd love for as many people as possible to join our community of Ayurveda lovers and move toward greater ease together this summer.

Summer is the season where we all come out to play. After months of cold, wintry weather, and a lockdown that kept us all inside and apart, we are ready to enjoy life and its fire again. In summertime we experience more heat, more light (as in luminosity) as the sun rises early and sets late. Soaking up the sun, playing by the beach, staying out late, and enjoying life with friends and family, in Ayurveda we call this Pitta Season. {READMORE}

In summer our Pitta increases easier as our body becomes warmed up by the sun. We may experience sunburn or skin rash, anger, irritability, migraines, looser stools, acidic stomach, and sensitivity to the light. We naturally are drawn to eating cooling foods such as green salads, drinking cooler drinks like coconut water, and enjoying ice cream. Applying this principle of opposites will help you to balance your Pitta and feel better in your body and mind.

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Get the Summer Card or become a Member and join us for our 8-Week Balance Your Pitta Program. Over 8 weeks, you will receive weekly e-mails with yoga practices, Ayurveda talks, inspirational blog posts, and recipes that will help you to keep it cool through summer. Learn how to balance yourself through the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Delight Summer Card - Balance Your Pitta

  • 10 classes at Delight Yoga Amsterdam & The Hague
  • 8-weeks Balance Your Pitta Program
  • Free unlimited access to Delight Online
  • Valid for 8 weeks from purchase
  • For only €100,-
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