New! Free Class: Community Mindfulness Meditation

By: Delight Yoga

We are excited to add a new class to our schedule: a free Community Mindfulness Meditation guided by Hedi de Vree.

Starting this Wednesday, 17 February, we will come together weekly from 20:00 - 20:45 via Zoom.

We will come together and sit in meditation, to support each other and find community during these difficult times. We understand that many of you may be unable to afford memberships due to Corona and are missing these moments of community, so we offer these classes for free as a gift to you.

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Hedi was previously teaching these Meditation classes at our beautiful studio in Den Haag, but the benefits of mindfulness can still be experienced through Zoom.

Mindfulness meditation uses the breath or sound as a support to rest in the present moment. This support provides a gentle focus point to anchor or steady the mind throughout the practice. As the mind gets distracted during meditation, we simply come back, again and again, to be aware of the breath (or sound). This helps us create new patterns, train the mind to become less distracted, and to regain a sense of distance from our thoughts and emotions—finding greater peace and stillness within.

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