New in our Delight Shop: Inner Compass - Kids Cards
Sep 29, 2022

New in our Delight Shop: Inner Compass - Kids Cards

In addition to the popular Inner Compass Cards we now also sell the Inner Compass Kids Cards in our Delight Shop in all our studiosin Amsterdam and Den Haag. Delight Members get a 10% discount on all items in the shop. This discount does not apply to food & beverage products, gift cards and books.

Children have something incredibly precious: Their pure, non-judgmental outlook on the world. As they grow older, however, this openness can get overshadowed and fade into the background. The Inner Compass - Kids cards playfully encourage children to remain positive and always believe in themselves and their abilities. This set consists of 36 stunningly illustrated cards and an easy-to-use manual with the accompanying texts.

Children can play with the cards by themselves, or you can draw a card together and let it strengthen the bond you have and spark conversation. The Inner Compass - Kids cards offer valuable life lessons, which guide children to understanding the importance of taking good care of themselves, each other and our beautiful planet. They remind children that they are perfect just the way they are. Stay true to yourself.

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