New Online Journey: Mama Glow with Kasia Pokrop and Ombretta Dettori

New Online Journey: Mama Glow with Kasia Pokrop and Ombretta Dettori

Kasia and Ombretta will be guiding you through your journey into motherhood from the first weeks of your pregnancy until the early weeks of your postpartum. With a series of short episodes which you can easily fit in your daily routine, they aim to share with you their experience combining:

  • Hypnobirthing
  • Prenatal yoga
  • Yoga therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Partner practices with Rebozo
  • Postpartum recovery.

You will leave with insights that will support you during your pregnancy, labor, and the first weeks/months into motherhood, and you will receive tools for your home practice to continue even after completing the mama journey. A combination designed to make your pregnancy and motherhood journey smoother, calmer, and a little bit more fun!

####Journey Overview Episode 1: Prenatal Yoga Wednesday 28/04/21 – 16:00

Episode 2: Yoga Therapy Wednesday 5/05/21 - 16:00 This episode is divided into 3 smaller parts so you can watch it all at once or match your specific needs;

  1. Creating space in the upper body; (until min. 14:30)
  2. Stability and mobility in the pelvis; (from min 14:30 - 37:48)
  3. Focusing on relaxation: Pranayama and Yoga Nidra (from min 37:48)

Episode 3: Hypnotherapy Wednesday 12/05/21 - 16:00

Episode 4: Your Daily Practice Wednesday 19/05/21 - 16:00

Episode 5: Partner Practices with Rebozo Wednesday 26/05/21 - 16:00

Episode 6: Postpartum recovery Wednesday 2/06/21 - 16:00

Bonus: Zoom Q&A Wednesday 2/06/21 - 17:00'

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