Teachers Royce Benda, Sjoerd Dragtsma, Rolandjan van Mulligen
Dec 16, 2021

New 'Silent Sit' Meditation Sessions at the Weteringschans

By: Delight Yoga

As of March, we will gather together for a Silent Morning Meditation every weekday from 8:00 to 8:45 at the Weteringschans.

These Meditation sessions will consist of two parts - the first 15 minutes will be guided and the remaining 30 minutes we will be together in Silence.

The guidance will support us to be at ease and relax into the field of the body. This will set the tone for inquiry and contemplation into who or what we really are, at the core of our being.

We will examine the beliefs we formed about how life should and shouldn’t be, and how habitual patterns and trauma may hinder us from plunging into our Essence-Awareness.

These feelings of unease and longing hold tensions we can meet as raw sensations in the body, at the moment they arise. Subsequently giving space to that experience, so that it can slowly release from our system.

As a direct consequence, the light of Presence can help us to release tension, surrender and let go. No longer manipulating our experience in any way but allowing everything to be exactly as it is, so Life can flow through us, in all its forms.

Then we start to remember our Essence and recognize that we are always the space for all the forms and experiences. Realizing that we have a choice in each moment: clinging to an experience or True freedom?

The time is Now to be who you truly are so that we can play and celebrate this mystery called Life.

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