Delight Yoga's Safety & Social Distancing Measures

by Delight Yoga


Delight Yoga will take the following measures in accordance with the RIVM to ensure our members feel safe, healthy, and at peace in our studios.

To keep our spaces and community safe, we kindly ask you all to follow these guidelines:

Stay home if you have any of the following symptoms:⁠
Cold symptoms, coughing, shortness of breath, elevated temperature or fever, or the sudden loss of taste and smell.⁠ If you live with someone who shows these symptoms, or who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid19 within the past 21 days, please stay home as well.⁠

Book your class beforehand⁠
Reserve your classes beforehand via as there will be no walk-in spots available.⁠ You will be able to cancel your booking up to two hours before the class begins.

Change and shower at home⁠
The changing rooms have a limit on their capacity and are gender-neutral. Please note that they are only available to store belongings, as we ask you to change and shower at home.⁠⁠

Bring your own mat⁠ and props⁠
Bring your own mat, towels, and props. In case you would like to use our props, bring a pillowcase or towel to protect the surface (this does not apply to eye pillows and straps). Yoga mats are also available for purchase in the Delight Shop.⁠

Arrive 10 minutes before the class starts at the earliest, and please leave right after your class ends so we can avoid having too many people in the studio (you can take tea to go).⁠⁠

Use the hand sanitiser available & wash your hands⁠
Make sure to use the hand sanitiser when you walk in and please wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds after you’ve used the bathroom.⁠

Keep 1.5-meter distance⁠
While at Delight, keep a safe and respectful distance from other students, teachers, and hosts. This starts when you walk in the door to check in. When you enter the studio, follow the marks on the floor, and use the designated spots in the shala to place your mat.  ⁠

We will be practising the following measures to make sure your practice is as safe and peaceful as possible:

Changes to checking-in
When you arrive at the studio, you will still check-in at the desk with the host (or teacher) like you’re used to. We will not be using coins. Please make sure to share any injuries or important information with the teacher before class.

Our teachers will guide you with care and awareness
During your practice, your teacher will stay on their mat instead of walking around the room, in order to maintain the 1.5-meter distance. There will also be no physical adjustments.

Cleaning in between classes
We will make sure to clean the shalas thoroughly in between classes in order to create clean spaces where you can truly relax.

Hand sanitizer will be available
We will provide hand sanitizer around our studios for you to use.

We’re in this together. Be kind, spread love & stay connected⁠
We’re happy to see you all again in the studios, however, we will miss the hugs and connecting over a cup of tea. Let’s focus on the little things we can do that keep us connected.⁠

Enjoy your practice :-)