Studio News: December 2020

by Delight Yoga



Welcome to December and the holiday season!
Across wisdom traditions and religious celebrations, there is a universal appreciation for light: christmas lights adorning a tree, a menorah's nine candles, or the candles that adorn an altar. There is so much beauty to found, not only in the flames that burn with their warm glow, but also in the darkness surrounding them that causes each light to be appreciated. 

2020 has had many moments where we were painfully aware of the darkness around us but still were able to focus on the light.

For us, the light of 2020 has been our community. We have been so touched by the enduring fire shown by our teachers and hosts to continue working through a pandemic that has caused unprecedented changes in all our lives. We felt the warmth of our members who stayed with us even in times of financial hardship. We have felt the warm glow of all your messages, calls, and energetic support that have gotten us through such a tumultuous year. 

To help conclude this year with a focus on love and connection, we have planned a Loving Kindness Meditation Special Class with Satya on December 22nd,
 free for our members. 

From our Heart to yours, with love,

The Delight Team

Theme of the Month: Buddha's Teachings: The Eightfold Path - 7. Right Absorption (Samma samadhi)

"Looking back on this year, we went on an inspiring journey by exploring the Eightfold Path month by month. At the same time, Corona entered our lives and so many things changed. This gives us a beautiful entry point to explore the deeper meaning of right samadhi. I will conclude this month’s theme with a simple practice that gives us a felt sense of right absorption. So that this final step of the path is not just theory or mental understanding, but something we really begin to bring into our experience."

- Royce Benda
Studio Coordinator

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Start the New Year with an At-Home Silent Retreat

2020 was filled with unexpected moments and unique challenges for us all. Reflect and investigate your Mind at the start of 2021 through a unique ten-day retreat, led by our expert teachers, Satya and Sahaj.

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Workshops this Month

This month, you'll be able to choose from workshops in Amsterdam, Den Haag, and online.


Alignment Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
with Kamini Stam
Starting on 1 December 2020

Women's Circle**
with Sandra Hipeli
4 December 2020

Art of Vinyasa - Creative Sequencing Workshop
with Jolijn Bruijnaers
5 December 2020

Energy Clearing Workshop
with Juno Burger
6 December 2020

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony
with Alixe van Ogtrop
6 December 2020

Academy Masterclass & Open Day | Ayurveda
with Coen van der Kroon & Martine van Beusekom
9 December 2020

Psoas & Pelvis workshop: Experiential Anatomy into Practice**
with Claudia Kratzheller
12 December 2020

Strengthening your Yoga Practice - Align and Energise
with Daniela Agius
12 December 2020

Preparation for Birth: Partner Workshop
with Kamini Stam
13 December 2020

Introduction to the Alexander Technique for Yoga Practitioners
with Francesca Gobeille
13 December 2020

Sound Bath Meditation: The Power of Sound Healing
with Stacey Griffin
18 December 2020

Silent Yin Special
with Daphne Luttger
19 December 2020

Sound Healing Concert
with Irene Sportel
20 December 2020

Ayurveda Workshops for Winter Times
with Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman
27 December 2020


Yin Yoga with Live Cello and Harmonium
with Lonneke Lamers
6 December 2020

Savasana Healing Concert
with Ira Hardjosusono, Elke Brouwers, Emily van Orsouw & Ola Renska
13 December 2020


Restorative Yoga: The Art & Science of Rest & Relaxation
with Adelene Cheong
4 December 2020

Silent Sit Meditation: Sacred Sunday
with Roland Jan van Mulligen & Inge Peters
13 December 2020

Sunday Satsang
with Satya Katiza
13 December 2020

New Moon Circle: Set Your Intentions
with Simona Schimanovich
14 December 2020

Sunday Satsang
with Satya Katiza
20 December 2020

Sunday Satsang
with Satya Katiza
27 December 2020

**For all online workshops, a Delight membership discount of 30% applies as part of the membership benefits. Note that the membership benefits are not available for Online Members. 

Upcoming Events


Practical Updates


- We are sad to say goodbye to our General Manager, Quinten de Haas. For the past five years, he has led Delight with a warm and dedicated heart, and we were lucky to have his leadership and guidance to get us through all the challenges this year brought us. We wish him all the best in his new adventures at VanMoof.

- After 5 years the time has come for our lovely Katka Jacz to hand over the stick as a Studio Manager and mother of our Den Haag studio. We are more than grateful she made our The Hague studio what it is today, took care of our space, values, and people. We wish her lots of light and joy on the rest of her journey.

- The already loyal members of our family, Ratna Adam and Sophie Peeters will fill in Katka’s shoes. Glad to have both of you around and we’re looking forward to the time ahead together!

- We are grateful to have a new face in the Delight Family, our new General Manager, Judith Manshanden. We look forward to her new leadership and vision for Delight Yoga in 2021!


- As of 1 December, Rolandjan van Mulligen will be teaching both a Yin class:
Tuesdays | 10:00 - 11:30
and an Awareness Meditation class:
Thursdays | 19:00 - 20:30

- As of 1 November, Agnes Vissering will be teaching two new Astanga Mysore (beginners) classes:
Mondays | 19:00 - 20:15
Wednesdays | 19:00 - 20:15


- As of 19 November, the Friday morning Vinyasa class is replaced by an 8:45 - 9:45 Astanga Led by Daniela Agius.

- As of 19 November, the Friday morning Astanga Led class is replaced by a 6:30 - 8:30 Mysore Program class.


- From 30 November until 1 March, Carmen Guda’s Vinyasa All Levels class on Mondays at 7:00 will be guided by Tanisha Lindeman, who has been teaching at our Den Haag studio for years. We are very happy she will also be teaching in Amsterdam from now on!

- As of 6 December, Tanisha Lindeman will be teaching a Yin Yang class:
Mondays | 8:30 - 9:30

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