Studio News: Delight's Outdoor Yoga Classes

by Delight Yoga

Exciting updates - we are excited to host regular outdoor classes as of June 1. These are beautiful opportunities to try something new, and experience your yoga practice in unique environments. We have selected beautiful locations in Amsterdam and Den Haag - ranging from hotel courtyards and outdoor parks to the beach. These outdoor classes will stay on our schedule, even after our studios reopen on the 1st of July.  

Amsterdam Locations:
In addition to our outdoor locations in the Vondelpark and Rembrandtpark, we have found beautiful new locations for our outdoor classes: the gardens of the Wittenberg Aparthotel, the Hermitage Museum, Westervilla, and Vijzelstraat rooftop. These spaces are peaceful havens in the heart of Amsterdam and offer the unique experience of practising in the beautiful sounds and smells of nature.

Den Haag Locations:
Not only do we offer classes in the calm garden at the Raamweg, but we have also added Den Haag's most beautiful feature: the Scheveningen beach! As of the 23rd of June, we will be hosting a morning class on Tuesday from 8:00 - 9:00 - the perfect way to wake up fresh. Our class location is right in front of the beach bar Boonoonoonoos, at end of the Keizerstraat, right on the beach.

We can’t wait to flow with you in these peaceful, quiet sanctuaries.⁠