Studio News: Delight Yoga during Corona updates

by Delight Yoga

Update 28-5-2020

We have some very good news to share with you: Yesterday the Dutch government announced that they intend to allow us to open the doors to our studios again per 1 July! We could not be happier as we can not wait to see you again, in person. We feel it has been way too long since we were able to welcome you to our studios. 

It looks like the uncertain times are coming to an end. This means that our team will do their utmost to create a safe environment for you to enjoy your practice, and while respecting the guidelines that will be in effect. Naturally, we can not go back to the situation how things were pre-Corona, but we are convinced that we can give you the Delight-experience anyway.

While we prepare the opening of our studios, we really hope that you will keep enjoying our online and outdoor offering in the next couple of weeks. We also decided that the online and outdoor classes are here to stay, even when we can practice indoors again, since we received so many positive reactions about the classes.

Expect more practical updates about how we will organise things our studios soon.

We want to thank you again for your support in the last few months, it has been heartwarming to experience the power of the strong Delight Community in these tough times.

See you soon. :) 




The Delight Team



Update 7-5-2020

Here is another update from Delight Yoga after last night’s press conference about the roadmap for the next couple of months. 

We believe that we can speak for the complete Delight Yoga Community if we say that we are disappointed about the announcement that we can not open our doors again before September 1st. However, the government also indicated that there might be opportunities for some studios/schools/clubs to open earlier if the right protocol is in place. 

In the last few weeks we have been working on such a protocol, and we feel ready to welcome you back in our studios again in a safe way. Together with other yoga schools, we will do all we can to bring awareness to the government about us being ready for welcoming students again to make sure we can open as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there were also some announcements that will bring some positivity during these uncertain times. In the next couple of weeks, we are allowed to organise more and more ‘offline’ events to come together as a community, here is what we have in mind:

  • Per 11 May: we are allowed to schedule classes outside, so think ‘yoga in the park’, ‘beach yoga’, ‘silent walks’, ‘nature meditations’, ‘breathing in nature’, ’outdoor Satsang’, et cetera. Our team will start working on creating a schedule of daily outdoor activities that will give us the possibility to come together and practice again without an internet connection. We will also look at opening up the possibility to restart massages, consults, healings, guidances, and other appointments per 11 May.

  • Per 1 June: we are allowed to organise indoor events again too with a maximum of 30 people. This might not be normal yoga classes, but we should be able to organise inspiring events with our teachers that support your practice like meditations, workshops, lectures, talks, et cetera.

  • Per 1 July: we can even organise similar events, but with a maximum of 100 students.

  • And next to these new initiatives, we will keep creating an amazing online offering of classes, workshops, courses and trainings (with Delight Membership Discounts).

We are excited to create an awesome and inspiring schedule of offline classes for you. So Keep an eye out for our communication about our new offline programming that will come your way soon.



Delight Yoga Team



Update 24-4-2020

The Dutch government has announced that all sports clubs in The Netherlands will be closed until April 6th 2020. Due to this situation, Delight Yoga will be closed until that date. We are currently offering online yoga classes and livestreams to continue your yoga practice, as we believe that yoga and meditation are especially necessary in these times of fear and anxiety.


Daily Online Yoga classes

We've created a schedule of live-streamed online yoga classes, so you can continue your yoga practice with your favourite Delight Yoga teachers at home. We are happy to offer daily live online yoga classes in all styles:  Get moving with Vinyasa and Astanga, balance yourself with Hatha and Yin Yang, or slow down with Yin and Restorative Yoga. We also offer a Special Classes, Satsang, Ayurveda talks and daily Silent Sit Meditation. You can find the online yoga classes in our regular class schedule.

You can join for free until the end of March, but a donation to support our teachers in these challenging times is greatly appreciated.


Free access to House of Yoga for 30 days

In addition to our live online schedule, you are still very welcome to use our online video platform, ‘The House of Yoga’. We are offering free access for 30 days through the house of yoga website with voucher code: c135aba4972e65e4. Available until 6th of April 2020. 

Thank you again for all your support and the kind words you have been sending us. We are incredibly grateful for our community and wish you health and ease in these challenging times.  




Update: 15-3-2020

Delight Yoga closed until April 6th


The Dutch government just announced that all sports clubs in The Netherlands will be closed until April 6th 2020. This means that Delight Yoga will be closing her doors until that date. We would like to explain how Delight Yoga will handle this situation and what this means for our community. 

Schedule with online classes/live-streaming

As a result of our studios being closed, all of our classes/workshops/etc. are now cancelled. We are currently working on creating a new class schedule, taught online via live-stream, that will replace our regular class schedule. Through these virtual classes, you will still be able to connect with your favourite teacher and continue practising in the comfort of your own home. We will work on creating a schedule with our new live online classes - expect more information about how this works tomorrow (Monday, March 16th). In addition to our live online schedule, you are still very welcome to use our online video platform, ‘The House of Yoga’. We are offering free access for 30 days through this website with voucher code: c135aba4972e65e4 

What will happen with my Delight Card/Credits?

Your Delight Card will be automatically frozen until April 6th, 2020. This means that your current product will remain unchanged until 6 April, so you can continue your practice once our studios open their doors again as if nothing happened. We will not be offering refunds for products, but will instead allow you to use those credits at Delight Yoga once we are open again.

What will happen to my Delight Membership?

We have one big favour to ask our community of Delight Members: as Delight Yoga, including our teachers and staff, will now face financially challenging times, we would be incredibly grateful if you decide to keep your membership running for the next few months. We understand that this may not be financially possible for everyone, but continuing to support Delight in this way will make a significant difference and allow us to cover all the costs that continue to come our way. Thank you so much for your understanding and support in these challenging times. You can, of course, also freeze your membership for a month (between 1 April and 30 April) or terminate it as of 1 April.

What will happen to my upcoming workshop booking?

Workshops that are scheduled between today and April 6th will be postponed, and we will contact you with new dates as soon as possible. If you are not able to join the workshop on that new date, we will discuss options with you in order to give you a refund on your account, so you can spend it on another workshop at Delight Yoga.

Can I book private classes with my teacher at home?

Yes, this should be possible, but we will need some time to arrange appointments with our teachers. If you would like to schedule a private class. We ask for your understanding - we are processing a lot of requests at the moment, so you can expect a delay before we can get back to you.

How do I stay up to date?

Please keep an eye on our blog and social media for updates about what is going on in our studios or sign up for our newsletter here. We are getting a lot of questions at the moment, so please allow for some time before we can get back to you. Our hosts are working as fast as they can to respond to all the questions that are coming in. Please enjoy this free meditation while you wait for our reply.

As always, thanks for your support and the kind words you have been sending us. We are incredibly grateful to our community and wish you health and ease in these challenging times.

Hope to welcome you back in the studios soon.


Delight Yoga Team


Update: 13-3-2020


Corona Practicalities


Delight Yoga has chosen to take the following precautionary measures to ensure the health and ease of our students and staff. We aim to avoid the spread of Coronavirus while still providing a beautiful yet safe practice space for our students. 

We would like to emphasise the following: please, do not come to class if you have even minor symptoms. Remain at home if you are sick, but keep doing a home yoga practice to manage your stress. We believe that yoga and meditation are especially necessary in these times of fear and anxiety. We have decided to offer free access to The House of YogaUse voucher code: c135aba4972e65e4

We hope that the beautiful yoga and meditation practices and talks offered there, help bring peace of mind to all affected. 

Due to the current situation, we will also be taking the following measures:
 • We ask all members of the Delight community to avoid greeting one other with hugs and kisses. Until the situation has calmed down, we encourage greeting one another with the traditional Indian “Namaste” instead. 
 • We will reduce the maximum capacity of our classes to make sure each student has more space and create peace of mind.
 • Our teachers will no longer use hands-on adjustments, no longer use coins to check in our students, minimise the use of props and eye pillows will not be used in any classes.
 • Mysore Program classes will be held without any hands-on adjustments nor assistants in the room, the teacher will primarily be there to hold the student’s space for their practice and be available for questions.
 • In addition to having students spray their mats after each class, our mats are also thoroughly cleaned by our hosts. When you clean your mat after your yoga class, please help us to maintain hygienic conditions by cleaning your mat with extra care.
 • We will provide paper towels instead of regular towels in our changing rooms and restrooms.

We will be adhering to the guidelines issued by the Dutch Government and will be keeping constantly up to date in case of further changes. Please refer to this blog for the most up to date information.

Warm regards,

Delight Yoga Team