Studio News: Led classes are back as of June 5th

by Delight Yoga


The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here - after five long months, we are reopening our doors for all led classes on the 5th of June! We cannot wait to welcome you back to our studios and begin practicing together once again.

New Schedule & Fresh Studios

As of the 5th of June, Delight Yoga in Amsterdam and  Den Haag are back open for led classes. Our schedule will now feature studio classes as well as outdoor classes. We will also continue to offer online classes. You can now book your class 14 days in advance through our schedule.

We took the time away to freshen up our studios, so you’ll walk back into beautiful spaces to practice. We have also been carefully preparing our studios in accordance with the latest health guidelines and precautions advised by the RIVM, to make sure that we host the safest and cleanest yoga classes possible. We are also happy to announce that you can safely use our dressing rooms and showers again! For a full list of our Corona rules - read here.

Reopening offer

To celebrate our reopening we have a really special offer for you. With our Reopening Delight Membership, you’ll get a 25% discount on the first 3 months Delight Membership (€60,- instead of €80,-). This offer is valid until the 1st of July.

Upon purchase of this membership, you will have unlimited access to all led classes in our studios in Amsterdam and Den Haag as well as free access to Delight Online! You can cancel anytime (on a monthly basis).

Are you an Astangi? With our Reopening Mysore Membership we also offer €20,- discount per month on the first 3 Month Mysore Membership

Reopening ceremony

We would like to invite you to a special reopening ceremony guided by Satya Katiza, where we will close the past five months and celebrate a new beginning together. We will take a moment to reflect on the past half-year of lockdown, the hardships we experienced together,  and the lessons learned. 

This ceremony will take place online on the 5th of June from 11.00 - 12.00. You can access the ceremony through this link

Let’s collectively contemplate gratitude, as it’s gratitude that brings us happiness, not the other way around. There will be space for questions and sharing as well.

Workshops will also continue

We are delighted to announce that all workshops will continue as of the 5th of June. If you have booked a workshop with us, you will receive an update with all necessary information as soon as possible. 


It has been heartwarming to experience the power of the strong Delight Community in these tough times, and we can’t wait to welcome you with smiles and loving (socially distanced) greetings in person.



The Delight Yoga team




I already have a Delight Membership, Mysore Membership or Online Membership. Can I still get the Reopening Membership?
Yes, the offer is valid until the 1st of July. You can change your product in your My Delight Account:
- Login to
- Select “Change my product”
- Select “Upgrade or downgrade my membership”
- Choose your new membership type: Delight Reopening Membership or Delight Reopening Mysore Membership 
- Click “Next” and confirm your changes

I already have a Membership with a discount / Membership from 2019 or before. Can I still get the Reopening Membership?
Unfortunately, you cannot combine discounts. You can either choose to cancel your current membership and get the Reopening Membership, or unfreeze and continue with your current membership so it will be activated on your next installment. Do you want to start on another date? Please contact Student Care via

I have a frozen membership. Can I still get the Reopening Membership?
If you currently have a frozen membership and want a Reopening Membership, you do NOT have to unfreeze your membership. All you have to do is purchase your new membership through the following links: Delight Reopening Membership or Delight Reopening Mysore Membership and they will be activated right away. 

I have a Delight Self-Practice Pass/Add-on. Can I use the pass to book a led class? 
Yes, you can still use your pass/add-on for studio classes and outdoor classes until the 9th of June. The Reopening Membership that you activated before you purchased the pass/add-on will automatically start on your next installment. 

I have cancelled my membership. Can I still get the reopening membership?
We'd love to welcome you back! You can purchase your new membership through the following links: Delight Reopening Membership or Delight Reopening Mysore Membership 

I have an Introduction Card, 10/20 Class Card or a Delight Guest. When can I book? 
We have automatically reactivated your card and extended the validity of your card. As of the 5th of june, you will have the same amount of time left as you had before lockdown.