Studio News: November 2019

by Delight Yoga


November has fully arrived in autumn. The leaves on the trees start to dry out, turn brown and fall to the ground. The temperature starts to drop, becomes colder and windier. And it is easy for us to get out of balance. Have you been feeling a little ungrounded and tired? Yoga can help you ground and strengthen yourself.

In this time of year, we recommend doing Restorative YogaYoga Nidra, slow grounding Hatha and slow Pranayama. Learn more about how to balance yourself at our special class Ayurveda & Yoga. You might also want to follow the lunar cycle this month with our special classes New Moon: Set your intentions and Full Moon Lunar Flow. Live by the moon and start consciously manifesting your life.
See all special classes this month here.



Practical updates



Do you have a favourite class you go to every week? We now made it possible to book that class 1 week in advance, so you can book your spot for next week, right after finishing a class.

Pre & Postnatal Pregnancy Massages can now also be booked in Amsterdam.



As of November, the Sunday 16.00 Yin class, will be guided by Debbie van Leeuwen.

As of November, the Wednesday 16.00 Yin class will be guided by Debbie van Leeuwen.

As of November, the Thursday 16.00 Astanga led will be guided by Daniela Agius.



Lydia Aytogmuswill be moving to Berlin, to move in with her love. As of November, her classes will be guided by several teachers.

As of November, the Tuesday 10.00 Astanga led beginners & Sunday 14.00 Astanga all levels will be guided by Josta van der Kolk

Wednesday 20.00 Vinyasa beginners & Friday 18.15 Vinyasa all levels will be guided by Simona Schimanovich

Saturday 16.00 Vinyasa all levels — will be guided by Nathalie Ho-Kang-You

As of November, we will add a Saturday 18.00 on the schedule again: we’re happy to welcome you for a Restorative Yoga guided by Nathalie Ho-Kang-You.

As of November, the Wednesday 16.30 Vinyasa guided by Jolijn Bruijnaerswill be changed into a Vinyasa experienced class.

As of November, the Monday 20.00 Yoga Nidra will be replaced by a 20.00 Yin guided by Jonas Nathan.

As of November, the Monday 07.00 Vinyasa will be guided by Simona Schimanovich.

As of November, the Wednesday 07.00 Vinyasa will be guided by Jolijn Bruijnaers.


Den Haag

The whole month of November Jurre Twijnstra will be in Mysore for his own practice. The evening Mysore will be guided by Marsha BroekeBerry Lusink and Irina van der Sluijs.

In November we will have many workshops on the weekends, so the classes will be in different rooms. Make sure to reserve your spot for your classes.

As of November, the Wednesday 16.45 Yoga for Teenagers classes will be cancelled.