Studio News: September 2019

by Delight Yoga


September is upon us and it is all about slowing down and getting grounded. When you feel a little lost keep in mind the impermanence of life: always shifting and evolving, dying and being born again. Just as change is the only constant, there are unbroken patterns that exist within the ebb and flow of reality. When we slow down and ground ourselves, we can begin to witness the patterns, becoming aware enough to actually break free from it.

This month we have some special classes coming up. Transform what you are struggling with at Feeding the Demons with Ingeborg Timmerman on 6 September. Or go to the Collective Reading with Saskia Nefkens on 7 September to get answers to questions you've always wanted to ask. See all special classes here.

Practical Updates




Some of our teachers will be leaving us this month. Jasmijn, Kirsten and Nora, thank you for everything, we will miss you, and we are truly grateful for your time with us and we wish you all the best!

As of this month, we are looking for new volunteers for the Inner Peace Conference. If you are interested, please fill out this registration form.

Weesperstraat 63 (Nieuwe Achtergracht)


As of September 3rd, Chantal Soeters will teach a 16:00 Restorative class and an 18:00 Vinyasa class on Tuesdays.

As of September 7th, Erica Jago will teach a 9:30 Hatha Class and an 11:30 Yin class on Saturdays.

As of September 4th, the Wednesday 16:00 Yin class will be guided by Irene Sportel.

As of September 4th, the Wednesday 18:00 Astanga Led class will be guided by Marilou van Hoek.

As of September 12th, Anna Scott Miller drops her Thursday 16:00 Astanga & Pranayama class.

As of September, the Tuesday 16:00 Astanga Led class with Anna Scott Miller will be taught at 20:00.

As of September, Daphne Luttger drops her two Wednesday classes.




As of September 4th, Esther van der Sande will continue with her Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Classes and consults at Prinseneiland.



As of September, Chantal Soeters drops her Tuesday classes at Weteringschans, as she will move to Weesperstraat on Tuesdays (see update Weesperstraat). Her Tuesday 16:00 Vinyasa class will be changed into a Yin Yang class and guided by Claudia Kratzheller. Her Tuesday 18:15 Vinyasa class will be guided by Sophie Schaefgen.

As of September, Nora Schrijver drops her three classes at Weteringschans. Her Wednesday 18:15 class will be taken over by Jolijn Bruijnaers and her Thursday 16:00 will be taken over by Claudia Kratzheller. Her Saturday 18:00 Yin class will be removed from the schedule.

De Clercqstraat

As of September 5th, Victoria (Tory) Hyndman her 12:15 Vinyasa experienced level will be changed to an all levels.

As of September 7th, Erica Jago will drop her Saturday 12:15 Prenatal Vinyasa and 14:00 Hatha classes.

Great that we can welcome back Asha Hossain. She is currently back from her stay abroad and will pick up her old Saturday classes again until November.


Den Haag

As of September 1st, Regina Németh will go on her maternity leave. She will be back in January 2020. Her classes will be taken over by: 
Friday 10:00 Prenatal Rania de Vroedt
Friday 12:15 Yin Hedi de Vree
Sunday 14:00 Hatha Sterre Ferf
Sunday 16:30 Yin Irina van der Sluijs.