Pregnancy Offerings at Delight
Feb 21, 2023

Pregnancy Offerings at Delight

Are you expecting a 2023 baby? Congratulations!

Your pregnancy can be a beautiful, special time, providing an opportunity to turn inward and get in touch with yourself and the baby you are carrying. In a short period of time, the body goes through a great transformation, getting ready for birth. Yoga gives you the opportunity to embrace your changing body and prepare your body for birth. At Delight, we offer classes, workshops and treatments for all our soon-to-be mamas. Want to treat yourself or want to learn more about your changing body? See the overview below


**Prenatal Classes ** Prenatal Yoga gives you the opportunity to embrace your changing body and support this process by practising meditation and yoga postures, in combination with breathing- and relaxation exercises and specific poses that can be used during delivery. Learn more here


The Sacred Window of Pregnancy, Birthing and Postnatal through Ayurveda with Victoria Raven Hyndman "Forty-two days for forty-two years" is a saying in Ayurveda meaning the food and lifestyle choices a new mother makes from the moment of giving birth to forty-two days (six weeks) after, will affect her next forty-two years physically, mentally and emotionally. This illustrates the importance of that beautiful and precious window that is the postnatal period. We can either bring ourselves even more out of balance, or, by making simple food and lifestyle choices we can use those six weeks as a magical window to rejuvenate ourselves, making new mommy and baby both happy! Learn more here

HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method: 5-week holistic birth preparation course This holistic birth preparation course will support you throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for labour and the early weeks after. The course consists of 5 weekly sessions, covering the topics of: deep relaxation, special breathing techniques for labor, self-hypnosis, massage techniques, visualisations, affirmations, and education that supports you throughout the whole pregnancy and are there to use during labor and birth. Learn more here


Ayurvedic Prenatal and postnatal massage For centuries, midwives, doulas and families have known the benefits of supporting women during pregnancy and postpartum: Ayurveda considers the prenatal and postnatal period as a moment when the woman should be nurtured with the healing tools of hands, words, food and warm herbal oils. Learn more here

**Pregnancy massage treatment ** This style of bodywork designed specifically for pregnant women and women who are 6 weeks past the date of delivery. Pregnancy is a time when a woman's body endures tremendous stress due to dramatic physical and emotional changes. Using various techniques specially developed for the prenatal and postnatal mother, pregnancy massage helps release the pain and discomfort experienced throughout pregnancy and after delivery. Learn more here

Rebozo closing Ceremony The Rebozo Closing Ritual, originating from Mexico (but is found in different forms found all over the world), is traditionally given 40 days after giving birth. It helps the new mother to close the period of pregnancy and birth, as she slowly starts to move back into the world. It marks the transition from a woman into a mother and is a true treat for the new mama as she takes her first steps within her new reality. In this 2,5 hour postpartum ritual, the new mother is nurtured, heard, celebrated, and fully taken care of. Learn more here

Prenatal Yoga Card Offer

10 prenatal classes for €125,- + 10% discount on pregnancy workshops & treatments. Learn more here

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