Questions about our new website? Read our FAQ here!

Questions about our new website? Read our FAQ here!

By: Delight Yoga

As you might have already noticed, we’ve migrated to a new website and booking system! After months of hard work, we are very happy that our new website is ‘live’ and are very proud of the result and of the team that realized this. But - as with most IT migrations - several things went differently than planned and we are not completely there yet.

At the moment some features are not yet working correctly or are a bit different from our old system. Our priority now is to make sure you can easily book your classes and workshops. We will keep improving the new website to filter out bugs and make the user experience better so we can give you the flawless experience we are aiming for. We apologize for any inconveniences.

As there are many questions coming in about the changes, it will take a little longer for us to respond. We will get back to you as soon as possible and thank you for your patience. In the meantime, you will find a list of frequently asked questions below to help you navigate this change.

Booking a class

How can I book an in-studio class?

  1. Go to

  1. Choose a class to book

  1. Select your card/membership under my passes

  1. Scroll down to confirm your booking

  1. Receive the booking confirmation in your email

  1. Find the booking under My bookings

How can I join an online class through the schedule?

With the new website we recommend booking classes at least 20 minutes ahead of time. 15 minutes before the class starts, you'll receive an email with a link to the class. Another way to access the class once you have booked it is in your 'My Delight' Account. You can join using the "Join Livestream" button. However, once a class has started, this button is no longer available as it will show "class completed".

This is why it is a good idea to keep the link in your email. With this link you have access to the class for 7 days once the class has started. Some students like to open the link once they have received it and wait until the class starts.

How can I book a Video on Demand class?

  1. Go to --> select Video Library under Online from the Menu in the top left corner

  1. Select the video you would like to watch --> "click watch video"

  1. Select your card or membership under "my passes" --> scroll down to click "unlock video"

How do I cancel my class?

Go to the “dashboard in your My Delight account. Under My bookings click “cancel” on the class you would no longer like to join.


Can I still rewatch the online classes afterwards? 

To be able to rewatch a YouTube live class, please make sure you book the class you want to rewatch through the schedule at least 20 minutes before the class starts.  You will receive a link to enter the class 15 minutes before the class starts. Didn't receive an email? You can also find the link in your My Delight Account. Go to "My bookings" and click on the button "Access livestream". The link will disappear from your bookings once the class has started so make sure to copy the link if you want to watch it later.  

Note: Zoom live classes can not be rewatched due to privacy reasons. All pre-recorded classes will also be published in our Library.

How can I watch classes in the online library? 

Some of our students are experiencing issues watching our online library classes - this problem should be fixed by now. Still not working? Please send an email to Community Care via and share what class you are trying to book so we can find a solution for you.

Your Delight Membership/Delight Cards

How can I log in to my account?

To log into your My Delight account please visit our new website at, press the ‘activate your account’ button and follow the steps. Make sure to use the same email address that is linked to your Delight product. Once you have activated your account, you can go to the schedule to book the class you would like to join. You will automatically be redirected to the log in.

How can I cancel/pause/upgrade/downgrade my membership?

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to change your membership through your My Delight account. Do you want to make any changes? Please send an email to

Why does my account show my membership as unpaid?

You can email any membership questions to

Why is the charge for my membership fee different on my bank statement?

We no longer use Mollie as our payment system - you will now see charges from Stripe on your bank statement.

I have a Delight Membership but I can not access the online classes?

Make sure you have activated and are logged in your My Delight Account with the email address that is connected to your account. Still not working? Please send an email to Community Care via and share what class you are trying to book so we can find a solution for you. 

Note: If you have a Delight Online Membership you only have access to the online library, Silent Sit Meditation, Monthly Satsang, and Monthly Ayurveda Sangha. You do not have access to our Delight Yoga Youtube Livestreams.

I have a Delight Card. Can I access the online classes? 

If you have a Delight Card (of any kind) as soon as we reopen, your card will be extended with the same number of days available on the card when lockdown began. In the meantime, you can also choose to use your credits on our online classes. 

I have a Balance Your Vata/Intro/10/20/Private card, can I extend this due to the lockdown?

As soon as we are reopened, all cards will be extended with the same number of days available on the card when lockdown began.


Where can I find the price of my workshop?

We are still fine-tuning the website - workshop prices will be displayed soon!

Where can I find my booked workshops?

You can find your booked sessions here:

How do I book a workshop?

Please note that for multiple session workshops or trainings, there is a temporary new registration process in place. In our new system, participants interested in a multiple session workshop need to sign up for each session individually in order to take part in the full course.

To make sure the process goes smoothly, we kindly ask you to sign up for the first session only and then send us an email at to confirm which workshop you wish to register for and which sessions you wish to take part in. We will then complete your enrollment for the full course.

Steps to book a workshop:

  1. Register for the first session/day of the workshop

  1. Pay the full fee through our website.

  1. Send an email to, with the subject line ‘workshop booking: name of workshop’. Please confirm how many sessions you wish to take part in and attach a screenshot of your payment.

  1. We will add you to the other sessions manually and send you a confirmation email.

Questions about our new website

The links to the website in the newsletter do not work. How can I see the content?

Due to a technical issue all our blog posts published in 2021 have not been published on the new website. This means that some links can not be opened any longer and you will receive a 404 error. We will have the content back up for you as soon as possible.


If these do not answer your questions, please write to our Community Care department for help!

Please note: If you sent us an email before the xmas holidays or since, know that our team is doing their best to respond to each and everyone of you with care and attention as soon as possible.

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