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Jan 7, 2022

Satya's 2022 Schedule

By: Delight Yoga

Satya Katiza leads the spiritual heart of Delight and is the primary teacher of our 500-hour teacher training. With over 30 years of living practice experience, she and her partner Sahaj guide the Sva Dharma teachings at Delight Yoga. You will find an overview of her upcoming workshops and special classes in this blog, so you can know where you can connect with Satya throughout 2022.

Yoga is an invitation to open our minds and to connect our minds again to this body, breath of life and to the universe, as well as, to our home: Earth. - Satya Katiza

Satya's 2022 Workshops

Life Bliss: A 5-day Chakra Healing Home Program


2 March 2022

Yoga Teacher Training: Q&A and Masterclass

10 March 2022

Essentials of Yoga: Pre-Teacher Training (50-Hour)


12 March 2022

Living Awake Portal

21 March 2022

Sva Dharma Family Gathering

Online & Amsterdam

7 April 2022

Meeting The Heart (3-day workshop)


15 April 2022

Meeting The Mind (3-day workshop)


27 May 2022

Women's Circle: Sacred Menopause

5 June 2022

Living Awake Portal

21 June 2022

Basic Teacher Training

Portugal & Amsterdam

Starting 11 July 2022

The Heart Retreat


28 July 2022

The Mind Retreat


9 August 2022

Living Awake Portal

21 September 2022

Women's Circle

20 November 2022

Yoga Teacher Training: Q&A and Masterclass

12 November 2022

Sva Dharma Family Gathering

Live & Online

24 November 2022

Living Awake Portal

21 December 2022

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Satya's 2022 Special Classes:

Living Awake Special Classes

Throughout 2022

End of Year Satsang


1 January 2022

Monthly Satsang (Theme of the Month: Unity)


15 January 2022

Conscious Relating Circle

23 January 2022

Spring Satsang


4 - 10 April 2022

Summer Satsang


27 June - 3 July 2022

Autumn Satsang


24 - 30 October 2022

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New! Sva Dharma Personal Guidance Consultations

While you are walking the Sva Dharma - your own path towards becoming a real yogi, one whose life is dedicated to awakening - there can be periods when you encounter obstacles or challenges, and are unsure about the next step. Book a guidance session with Satya to talk through and reconnect to yourself and your path.

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