Science of Chakras: Ajna

Science of Chakras: Ajna

By: Erica Jago

If you read my previous blog posts on the chakras and Vishuddha then you’re ready for this one! The sixth chakra: Ajna, in English it’s called the Third Eye Chakra.

Ajna, reveals the insight of your future, while your two physical eyes see the present and the past. An invisible yet truly powerful third eye, this is your energy centre of intuition. Ajna leads you to an inner knowledge beyond wisdom that guides you, only if you let it.

Each time you feel in tune with your dreams Ajna is aligned. It manages your right to SEE.

Your Ajna Chakra translates each of the other chakras into your outlook on life, that’s why it is called the command centre. If one of your chakras is out of balance, for example, if you don’t feel safe in your Root Chakra, then you project neediness; if you don’t feel satisfied in your Second Chakra, you suspect mistrust. These projections create your perceptions and also point to imbalances in your chakra system.

The remedy is simple; take an aggressive or pessimistic point of view and flip the switch. This is how you begin to reprogram yourself to see differently. To hold this less aggressive state toward yourself and others is to be soft in your Third Eye. See if you can observe your thoughts and soften your mind to see from a different perspective.

The element of this chakra is light; illuminating everything as it is without the filter of your expectations or judgements. When activated this centre allows you to have a:

Vision: elevating your thoughts from fear to love to connect to who you can be.

Perception: seeing your vulnerabilities to renew your point of view.

Flow: lit up and conducting your life in accordance with your vision.

Conducting your life in accordance with your vision is one of your biggest challenges as a human being. One way through this is by learning to simultaneously focus on vision and engage will. This sweet spot of humble awareness in your third eye (6th chakra) and self-confidence in your solar plexus (3rd chakra) is what creates a flow state.

When you’re in your flow state, you’re focused, and motivated. The connection between these two chakras brings the ability to take action in a designed direction. So soften into trust, and invite in divine wisdom. This ensures that your creative flow will come rushing in.

When you are willing to let go of everything you think you know, Ajna can brighten and renew your point of view. But first, dare to look at your shadow side. Ask yourself; is what you see the truth, or is it an illusion based on your vulnerabilities? To answer this; examine when and where you might be projecting.

Projections are displacements of your personal fears and desires distorting your perception of truth. They are unconscious defence mechanisms in order to avoid facing your own internal challenges. Zoom in on your PERCEPTION. Open your journal and take your time with these questions. Your perception will transform from pessimistic to optimistic when you make an effort to recognize your needs.

Where in my life do I project fears such as neediness, mistrust, or judgements?

Where do I take on a hard and narrow perception of the world?

How could choose the most loving perspective to allow me to experience my best life?

Observe the beating of your thoughts. And repeat to yourself:

“I see clearly and look for aspects of light I did not notice before.”

Did I catch your interest? Do you struggle with your vision & perception and need more assistance?

To find this balance in Ajna, refer to my latest book, ANGELUS, an experiential chakra workbook and start practising from home today. This 7 chakra, 7 chapter book includes 21 yoga sequences, with 3 specifically for your Third Eye Chakra. If you’re looking for a live practice with me, I’ll always cover this work during my Chakra Study Sunday classes over on Zoom. Check out my Instagram to learn more and meet me on the mat!




Images from Angelus: experiential chakra workbook

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