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Science of Chakras: Muladhara

By: Erica Jago

Ever heard of your subtle body? According to yoga tradition, your subtle body is invisible and untouchable, yet it is the place where most of your energy flows. Unexplainable feelings are a good place to start when understanding your subtle body and chakras. A lump in your throat, or a butterfly sensation in your belly. Those are the energy wheels spinning in your body, either opening up or closing down.

Today, I’d like to touch upon Muladhara, the Root Chakra—which is covered in-depth on the first Sunday of my Kundalini Chakra Course, starting the 21st of February at Delight. On this Sunday you explore the concept of Truth, specifically the importance of TELLING THE TRUTH.

Muladhara represents a place where you access your TRUTH.

I am talking radical honesty; standing in your truth, no matter what that truth is, even if that truth does not correspond to others’ truth.

When you hide thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you are suffering. I want to spend this first Sunday discussing how your yoga practice can help you take a leap of faith and reveal the hidden in order to reveal the real you.

From the youngest age, lying was smart.

"Did you eat that cookie?"... "No." (Because you did not want to get in trouble.)

You grow up needing to lie.

So I ask: how do you reverse the suffering lying creates by doing Root Chakra practices?

Lying does two things:

  1. It creates an altered reality that takes A LOT of energy to manage.
  2. You lose trust in yourself.

I'm curious, do you think you lie? (The answer is yes) And if so, why do you do it? To impress, manipulate, hide shame or guilt?

Suffering arises when you do not tell the truth. In bright light you are courteous, but in the dark, moonless nights you tend to hide what you think nobody should know.

But is it really better that nobody knows your truth?

Knowing your truth is a basic need that comes from this energy centre at the base of your spine. When you are not connected to this place in your body, every lie, big or small, breaks the connection with the real you. When you are busy managing a false reality, you are actually pretending your inner world does not exist. Neglecting who you really are weakens your true foundation, decreases your essential strength, and leads to fluctuating levels of security.

You have the right to fully show who you are, to match your inner world with the outer. So start telling your truth. Allow Muladhara to teach you how to walk your real path. Your presence is welcome and much needed, in its purest and most honest form.

Are you interested in diving deeper? Do you have what it takes?

Chakra studies are for those who want to take responsibility for their lives.

Exploring the state of your chakras helps you trust your internal compass, embrace change, and find the energy source needed to propel yourself out of mediocrity.

Our first weekend together will unearth the past, reveal secrets, and build TRUST in yourself through radical honesty… then there are six more energy centres to go after that!

Who wants to join me? We begin February 21st. I would love to host you.



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