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Science of Chakras: Svadhisthana

By: Erica Jago

Have you read my previous post on Muladhara - the root chakra? Today, I’ll continue with Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra—which will be covered in-depth as part of my Kundalini Chakra Course.

During this course, in our second Sunday together, we dive into the right to FEEL.

As Svadisthana’s element is water, it helps the blood circulate through your hips, awakening a free flow of sensations, emotions, desires, and pleasures. Each time you feel motivated, passionate and graceful, that’s when this centre is in balance.

Working with the Sacral Chakra allows us to address our relationships with both others and ourselves. By gaining insights into your default reactions and deepest emotions, you come one step closer to intimately know yourself.

You might have noticed in yourself that avoiding your innate wants and wishes leaves you feeling out of touch, emotionally numb, confused, and in conflict with yourself and others. Why you choose to block your instinctual urges is usually the result of past trauma or hardship, convincing you that you are unfit to fulfil your desires.

Please know that you can have a family and a career. You can be creative and make money. You can eat healthily and enjoy your meals.

To gain more awareness around what you feel and what you THINK you feel, begin with having a look in the mirror.

Ask yourself: Am I living my life? Or am I living a carbon copy version of what my parents needed or what society asks me to be?

Witness if there is a contradiction between how you feel on the inside and what you reflect on the outside.

On March 1st we study how to feel Svadisthana instinctual pull toward your original desires and use that gut instinct to influence your reality with genuine grace.

Join me on this powerful journey to start the year strong and more yourself than ever.


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