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Theme of the month

Set your intentions for 2021

By: Delight Yoga

Dear Delight Family,

As you might know, each year we organise a Theme of The Month to give the heart of Delight spiritual guidance.

For 2021, we would love to create the Theme of The Month together with the Delight Community by setting our intentions for the next year.

Based on the intentions of our teachers, hosts, office team and students we will make a selection of twelve themes for all the months of 2021.

In addition to the Theme of The Month articles of 2021, we will also bring the themes to Monthly Satsang Special Classes guided by Satya & Sahaj and Monthly Ayurveda Special Classes guided by Tory.

This way we would like to support you even more with the integration of the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda into your daily life.

What are your intentions for 2021?

Before you set your intentions think of: What would you like to cultivate in your life? What would you like to let go of that doesn’t serve you anymore? What do you struggle with in your daily life that you want to work on? What challenges do you need guidance with?

As examples, you can use phrases like: “I want to let go of ... “I intend to feel/learn…” “My challenge/struggle is …” “I want to cultivate ... ”

You can share your intention anonymously with us through this form: https://delight-yoga.typeform.com/to/VYRXGFJf.

Thank you all in advance for setting your intentions with us. We hope the themes will give a deeper connection to your True Self and weaves the Delight Community more closely together.

With lots of love,

Delight Yoga

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