Loosen your grip

by Deborah Quibell, 12-Feb-2016

Loosen your grip.
Give yourself permission to be imperfect.
Don't seek what others are seeking,
unless it echoes in your bones.

Spit out whatever you have ingested
about not being enough.
Your realness is delicious.
And you don't need to obsess any longer
about finding your path.

Start simple.

Tie a string
from your heart to your feet
And only walk in the direction
that makes you tick.

By Deborah Anne Quibell


About Deborah Quibell

Often called a wandering seeker, Deborah came into yoga after immersing herself for years in the study of prana and the subtle body (with the founder of Pranic Healing). She is trained at the 500-hour level, and founded her own studio in Atlanta, GA in 2011, which she sold upon relocating to Europe.