Special Classes: September 2017

by Delight Yoga, 22-Sep-2017

Special Classes

Yoga has so many more qualities than just the physical practice on the mat (asana). You may have experienced some magic during a class, leaving energized and relaxed and with a feeling of more spaciousness. But in fact, this magical feeling can stay with you when you take the practice with you off the mat. The key is to apply yoga into our daily lives and to experience the present Now in all little things we do. This might seem difficult in the beginning, but no worries, take it slow - step by step - this can be everyone's reality.

To inspire you to take yoga off the mat and support you in this yoga journey, we offer Special Classes. All special classes can be booked through the regular schedule which means they can be done with your current membership or card, or by a Delight Guest (single class payment). 

Below you find the special classes for the coming month.

Come and join the beauty of life through dance, chanting, meditation and more!

In Amsterdam this September 

Chat & Chai -  Astanga Sangha
With Claudia Pradella & Eva Ugolini
De Clercqstraat | 1 September,  2017 |  20:00 – 21:30 

Join us for an Astanga Community event. This event is meant to mix & mingle with each other and ask all the questions you have wanted to ask about your yoga practice. Together we will watch a short documentary: "The Mystery of Mysore: An encounter with the inner world" in order to open the conversation about what this practice is really about and how this unfolds on and off the mat day after day. This event is going to be very informal, with snacks and chai, and of course, everyone is welcome.
- One Body, One Mind, One Breath - One Practice.

Bookable through the regular schedule from August  24th

With Julia Gyulai
De Clercqstraat | 10 September,  2017 |  20:00 – 21:30 

This Friday night will be all about music! Join us for a special night of Kirtan, chanting and music. A blend of Sanskrit chanting and western heart songs promise an evening of heartfelt good vibrations and a devotional melting of heart and mind. A true celebration! Everybody is welcome!

Bookable through the regular schedule from September 2nd


In Den Haag this September

Introduction To Mindfulness Walking Meditation
With Ira Hardjosusono
Scheveningseweg | 22 September,  2017 |  20:00 – 21:30 

In this special class, you will be introduced to a walking mindfulness. If we sit mindfully, if we walk mindfully and reverently on the earth, we will generate the energies of mindfulness, of peace, and of compassion in both body and mind. 

Take this wonderful opportunity to practice how to bring a smile into every step. Your smile will bring calm and delight to your steps and your breath, and helps to sustain your attention. 

After this class, you will find that your breath, your steps, your counting, and your smile all blend together in a marvellous balance of mindfulness. Each step grounds us in the solidity of the earth. With each step, we fully arrive in the present moment. And at last, walking meditation will support and deepen your own practice. Join Ira in this special class and create a more mindful life.

Bookable through the regular schedule from September 14th


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