Start the New Year with an At-Home Silent Retreat

By: Delight Yoga

2020 was filled with unexpected moments and unique challenges for us all. We are offering the chance to reflect and check-in with ourselves at the start of 2021 through a unique ten-day retreat, led by our expert teachers, Satya and Sahaj.

The Mind Retreat is a silent 10-day training where we will investigate the Mind as true scientists within our own laboratory. The philosophical ground of practice will be based on non-dual practices, Buddhism, and Tantra.

Usually conducted in a retreat centre in Italy, this year you will be able to experience The Mind Retreat in your own home. While this change is due to unusual circumstances, it gives the benefit of allowing you to organically integrate these yogic teachings into your own life. Many people come back from such retreats and feel shocked by the intense pace of regular life, where they are thrown back into their regular routines. This new setting gives you the opportunity to slowly incorporate yogic teachings into your current lifestyle.

A unique opportunity to dive within the Infinite Universe of the Mind, guided by Satya Katiza and Kevin Sahaj in a 10-day home-based silent retreat.

We would like to emphasize that the power and wisdom of the teachings will be fully preserved. The teachings will stay intact, are separable from surroundings, and are composed with the greatest care.

The precious, beautiful nature and building will be our own bodies, the shrine where we all meet will be our living hearts, and the medium to connect will be the internet, which we call "Inner-Net".

We will be giving birth together to a new way to operate, answering the circumstances, flowing and moving with what is, and not letting anything stop us from allowing the teachings to continue.

The current situation makes the need even more relevant and strong to share this wisdom, and to transmit to all of you the medicine of the dharma. Let's not keep postponing until the “ideal” situation.

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