Studio News: August 2020

Studio News: August 2020

By: Delight Yoga

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." - Henri Matisse

If there is one thing this year has taught us, it is to remain grateful. Finding the good in each day may be challenging, but it is possible. We can find beauty and relief all around us. Just look at nature - flowers are in full bloom, the trees above us give us shade, the water interwoven throughout the Netherlands provides play and refreshment.

The lesson of this time is gratitude. Gratitude for what is, the pieces of life that provide comfort and joy in the midst of stark change and the disruption of daily routines. Our mission is to provide sacred spaces for you to reconnect with yourself, find inner peace, and remind yourself of the good that is available in each moment, in each day.

We hope to see you in a class, workshop, or training soon.

With love,

the Delight Team

Theme of the Month: Buddha's Teachings: The Eightfold Path - 4. Right Action (Samma kammanta)

"I believe the key to ‘right action’ lies in the process that happens before the action is actually taken. Taking the time to make a conscious and well-thought-out decision about whether to take action, as well as how to execute that action, will define the quality of the subsequent action. This is especially important when faced with complex issues or tricky dilemmas. Right Action is much easier to realise when we slow down and take the time to make conscious decisions about whether (and how) to take action."

Quinten de Haas

General Manager, Delight Yoga

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Weteringschans Back Open in August

Good news!⁠ As of August, our Weteringschans location will be back open. We're starting with a small schedule for the time being, but you'll be able to take your favourite early morning and evening classes at our original location once again.

Check our blog for updates

Workshops this Month

This month, you'll be able to choose from workshops in Amsterdam, Den Haag, and online.


Introduction to Marma Point Massage

with Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman

1 August 2020

Introduction to Yoga Program

with Lidewij Severins

8 August 2020

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Classes (TSY) - Women Only

with Esther van der Sande

Starting on 12 August 2020

Astanga Yoga 1-Day Intensive

with Kino MacGregor

Starting on 20 August 2020

Astanga Yoga Weekend Workshop

with Kino MacGregor

Starting on 21 August 2020

Kundalini Yoga Workshop

with Amir Jaan

Starting on 28 August 2020

Sound Bath Meditation: The Power of Sound Healing

with Stacey Griffin

28 August 2020

Motherheart Circle: Celebrating You

with Asha Hossain

29 August 2020


Breathing in Ecstacy

with Arno Nistal Ten Veen

8 August 2020

Healing Yoga and Feeding Your Demons

with Ingeborg Timmerman

22 August 2020

Clear Your Head: Massage Workshop

with Amanda Dries

23 August 2020


Women's Circle

with Anaisa Seneda

7 August 2020

RESTorative Yoga Practice

with Adelene Cheong

7 August 2020

Astanga Practice (XL)

with Claudia Pradella & Eva Ugolini

15 August 2020

Foundational Course Pranayama: Online Pre-Teacher Training

with Sri Sudhir Tiwari

Starting on 22 August 2020

Life Bliss: A 5-Day Chakra Healing Home Program

with Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

Starting on 26 August 2020

For all online workshops, a Delight membership discount of 30% applies as part of the membership benefits. Note that the membership benefits are not available for Online Members.

Practical Updates


It has been a month since we opened our doors again and it has been great to see so many of you returning to your mat. We want to thank you for your cooperation to keep things safe by looking after each other.

Last week, we sent out a survey to our students to ask about their experience in the studios so far. Based on the outcomes of this survey, and after conversing with teachers, hosts and studio managers, we came up with the following changes:

Teachers walking around: Teachers might walk around again through the Shala to give you VERBAL adjustments. All teachers can decide for themselves if they do this, but they will announce at the start of the class whatever they decide. The teachers will also give you the chance to indicate if you do not prefer them to come close to you.

Hands-on adjustments: We have decided that teachers will not offer hands-on adjustments just yet. The outcomes of the survey showed that our students are not comfortable with this yet. (Note: teachers of Mysore classes are adjusting hands-on already by using clean towels brought by students themselves, but we will not be doing this for regular Led classes yet).

Chanting: This is a topic that we got mixed responses to in the survey, but have decided to choose the safe route for now: teachers can chant softly, and students can join internally through humming or joining mentally. This includes chanting of the 'ohm's'.

Dressing rooms: We are going back to separate dressing rooms for men and women (instead of gender-neutral). We still prefer you to come in your yoga clothes, but in case there's no other option for you, please quickly change in the dressing room. If possible, please change at home to spend the least amount of time in the dressing rooms. The showers still remain closed.

Please respect quarantine periods after travelling: Like with everything so far, we are respecting the guidelines of the RIVM. This also means that our teachers, hosts and staff can not come to the studios if they have travelled to countries marked as 'orange' or 'red' by the RIVM. We would like to request you to respect these guidelines too.

Waiting list: We now have a waiting list option so you don't miss out on your favourite class. When a class is fully booked, you can put yourself on the waiting list. Whenever a spot opens up, everybody on the waiting list will receive an e-mail. First come, first serve.

Bring your yoga mat or yoga towel: We still keep the policy to bring your own yoga mat. In case there is no other way for you, you can also bring a yoga towel to use on top of one of our yoga mats. Ask the host for a clean mat that you can use, and please make sure to clean it and give it back to the host after use.

Please visit our blog to keep up to date on all our Corona Updates.


  • As of August, our Weteringschans location will be back open! We're starting with a small schedule for the time being, but you'll be able to take your favourite early morning yang classes at our original location once again.


  • As of August 3rd, the Monday 10:00 - 11:15 Yin Yang will be guided by Anne Hermans.


  • As of August, a Tuesday 16:30 - 17:45 Hatha will be guided by Nancy Reyerts.
  • As of August, the Thursday 18.15 - 19.30 Yin will be guided by Debbie van Leeuwen.

Need some guidance?

We are delighted to guide you along your yoga path. If you have any questions or feedback, please see the frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us at any moment. We hope you will enjoy our online classes.

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