Studio News: October 2020

Studio News: October 2020

By: Delight yoga

October begins with a powerful Full Moon in Aries setting the tone for this month. Aries is the sign of independence and strength, and its full moon today inspires inner courage. This month, ask how you can assert yourself and your needs while still showing respect for the people around you.

For those concerned about how the new government measures will impact their practice: our studios are still open, and our hosts and teachers look forward to warmly (and safely) welcoming you to your next yoga or meditation practice. See our latest Corona update for more details.

We sincerely believe that we will get through these challenges together with love, kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others.

With love,

the Delight Team

Theme of the Month: Buddha's Teachings: The Eightfold Path - 6. Right Effort (Samma vayama)

"From the moment I was asked to write the theme of the month for October, the journey began. I took this theme with me throughout my days, carried it with me as if it were my closest friend.

It became a search not only for what I put effort into, but how I move through the world, how I talk to others, and what I choose to put in my body. What thoughts I choose to keep and how I treat myself. "

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New Class: Hormone Yoga

Your hormones dictate almost every part of your life: your state of mind, behaviour, body shape, eating habits and how you react to stress. In order to be more happy and healthy, it is important that you balance your hormones.

Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) restores the hormonal production and has a positive effect on the whole hormonal system. It is a natural treatment through specific exercises reactivating hormone production.

Workshops this Month

This month, you'll be able to choose from workshops in Amsterdam, Den Haag, and online.


Breathe to Heal

with Max Strom

Starting on 02 October 2020

Women's Circle

with Alixe van Ogtrop

2 October 2020

Restorative Yoga & Aromatherapy: Nourish and Ground for Autumn

with Francesca Gobeille

3 October 2020

Yin Yoga Masterclass

with Daphne Luttger

Starting on 3 October 2020

Astanga Yoga: Practice Foundation Course

with Lidewij Severins & Marilou van Hoek

Starting on 4 October 2020

Ayurvedic Nutrition Course 2020

with Liese van Dam

Starting on 9 October 2020

Motherheart Circle: Our mothers, our births, our babies

with Lidewij Severins

9 October 2020

Energy Awareness

with Juno Burger

16 October 2020

Astanga Yoga Workshop

With Petri Räisänen

22 October 2020

Preparation for Birth: Partner Workshop

with Kamini Stam

25 October 2020

Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga

with Mariette de Kroon

25 October 2020

HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method: 5-Week Holistic Birth Preparation Course

with Kasia Pokrop

Starting on 27 October 2020

Sound Bath Meditation: The Power of Sound Healing

with Stacey Griffin

30 October 2020


Opening Your Heart

with Judith van der Klink

3 October 2020

Savasana Healing Concert

with Ira Hardjosusono, Elke Brouwers, Emily van Orsouw & Ola Renska

10 October 2020

Introduction to Yoga Program

with Ira Hardjosusono

10 October 2020

Preparing for Birth: Partner Workshop

with Regina Németh

11 October 2020

Astanga Yoga Workshop

with Petri Räisänen

16 October 2020

Bliss Meditation

with Ira Hardjosusono & Ingeborg Timmerman

23 October 2020

Introduction to the Doshas

with Patricia Veltri

24 October 2020

The Chakra Journey - Breath & Sound

with Arno Nistal Ten Veen

31 October 2020


Full Moon Circle: Follow the Moon

with Simona Schimanovich

1 October 2020

Magical Morning Routine Workshop

with Jenny Schoenmann

3 October 2020

Magical Morning Routine: 4 Week Course

with Jenny Schoenmann

Starting on 4 October 2020

Meditation Course: The Fundamentals

with Davide Piai

Starting on 7 October 2020

Circular Breathwork Course

with Rolandjan van Mulligen

Starting on 8 October 2020

Restorative Yoga Practice

with Adelene Cheong

9 October 2020

Yin Yoga Special: Deep Tissue Release

with Jasmijn Koelink

10 October 2020

Special Sunday Satsang

with Satya Katiza

Starting on 11 October 2020

Sva Dharma Family Gathering - Online & Live

with Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

16 October 2020

New Moon Circle: Set Your Intentions

with Simona Schimanovich

16 October 2020

Introduction to The Mind Training

with Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

17 October 2020

Special Sunday Satsang

with Satya Katiza

Starting on 18 October 2020

Sacred Menopause

with Satya Katiza

25 October 2020

For all online workshops, a Delight membership discount of 30% applies as part of the membership benefits. Note that the membership benefits are not available for Online Members.

Practical Updates


  • Due to the new measures put in place by the government on the 28th of September, we strongly advise our community (students, teachers and hosts) in both Amsterdam and The Hague to wear a mask in the reception area and dressing rooms. While in the yoga class, students/teachers are free to take off their masks.
  • The new measures do not affect our measures any further, as we already keep the maximum capacity in our spaces beneath 30 people. Luckily, all our workshops and classes can therefore continue as planned.
  • We have added three new Studio Coordinators to our team: Marlot van Laren, Royce Benda, and Myrna Captijn will contribute their gifts and beautiful energies to making sure our studios run as smoothly as ever.
  • We have new additions to our marketing team: Robin van der Valk and Sophia Hengelbrok are working to spread the yoga-love online. Support them in their new roles with an Instagram follow ;)


  • We have decided to stop offering outdoor classes now that the weather outside has transitioned to autumn. We would love to invite you to make use of our studio and online classes instead.


  • As of 1 October, the Friday Online Prenatal class with Kasia Pokrop will be cancelled.
  • As of 1 October, the Wednesday Online Kids Yoga class with Marije Roede will be cancelled. We’ll be offering Kids Yoga Special Classes at Weteringschans instead.
  • As of 1 October, the Saturday Online Kundalini & Mantra Meditation class with Erica Jago will be cancelled. We’ll be offering monthly online workshops with her instead.


  • We are delighted to welcome two new teachers to our schedule at the Weteringschans: Jane Margie Saman and Lovely Uhlenbeek.
  • As of 1 October, Marije Roede will be teaching three new classes:

Thursday | 10.00 -11.15 Astanga Led (all levels)

Saturday | 10.30 - 11.30 Vinyasa (all levels)

Saturday | 12:00 - 13:30 Astanga Led (all levels)

  • As of 1 October, Sjoerd Dragtsma will be teaching a Healing Yoga class:

Wednesday | 16:00 - 17:30

Saturday | 8:30 - 10:00


  • Mysore afternoon shifts have changed from Tuesdays and Thursdays to Mondays and Wednesdays from 17.00 - 18.30 and 18.30 - 20.00. Monday classes will be taught by Josta van der Kolk, Wednesday classes will be taught by Martine Wieten.
  • Lidewij Severins will go on maternity leave in mid-October. Her Tuesday night Astanga Led class will be covered by Josta van der Kolk.


  • Sasha Van Aalst will stop teaching at Delight Yoga this month, her last class will be on 15 October. We are very grateful for Sasha’s stunning contribution to creating this beautiful Astanga Mysore community at the NA over these last years and wish her well in her next ventures - she will follow her long-time dream to foster a small, simple space for practice somewhere else in the city.
  • The Mysore Program at the NA will continue to run with the same schedule - Claudia Pradella and Eva Ugolini will alternate mornings for the first few months (next to continuing teaching at DC) until the Program is ready for a new teacher, probably in the spring of 2021.


  • As of 1 October, the Wednesday Astanga Led Beginners Class at 16:30 will be taken over by Agnes Vissering.

Need some guidance?

We are delighted to guide you along your yoga path. If you have any questions or feedback, please see the frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us at any moment. We hope you will enjoy our online classes.

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Take Delight in the here and now - where and whenever you please.

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