Studio News: We are reopening!

Studio News: We are reopening!

By: Delight Yoga

Mysore Program, Private & Duo Classes and Self Practice Classes

We're excited to announce that we will be reopening our studios this week! After five long months without seeing one another, we are so happy and grateful that we can be a home for your practice again.

The new government guidelines allow us to re-open our studios for the Mysore program and host Private & Duo classesas of this Wednesday, May 19th. And for everyone who wants to get back into their practice, we will host Delight Yoga Self Practice classes starting Saturday, May 22nd. These guided self-practice slots are open to all students at every level - if you are new to yoga, don’t worry. Our teachers are here to guide and support you throughout.

Your health and safety are our priority and we are making sure that your practices in our studios are completely safe! Please read our Covid-19 Protocol here.

Self-practice classes as of Saturday May 22

Starting Saturday the 22nd of May, we will introduce Delight Yoga Self-Practice Classes.We have created Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Self-Practice time slots, which you can sign up for through our schedule as of Thursday, the 20th of May.

Upon your arrival, you will receive a chart with a 60-minute Delight Yoga sequence that you can follow in our shala. One of our experienced Delight Yoga teachers will be present to hold the space, give verbal cues to make sure students practice safely, and answer any questions. In the Yin classes, the teacher will also ring a gong/bell every 5 minutes for you to change postures. There is also a clock in the shalas for you to notice when your time slot ends.

Note: The Delight Self Practice classes can be booked with a Delight Yoga Membership, Delight Mysore Membership, Introduction Card, 10/20 Class Card and a Delight Guest.

Private or duo yoga classes on request

Do you miss our guided classes? Book a Private Class to experience being individually guided by a teacher again, or share a Duo Class with a friend or partner. Appointments are only possible via email at As availability of the Private Yoga or Duo Yoga Classes is limited, try to book your private class far in advance.

Prices:Private Yoga Class 60 minutes: €70,-

Private Yoga Class 90 minutes: €100,-

Private Duo Yoga Class 60 minutes: €95,-

Private Duo Yoga Class 90 minutes: €125,-

Note: It is also possible to get a Private (Duo) Yoga 5/10 Class Cards.

Ask our hosts for more information. Pricing for the Private or Duo Classes are outside of the regular pricing.

Mysore Program as of Wednesday May 19

We are so happy that we will be able to offer the Mysore Programs in the shala this week! You can book your spot through the schedule today. In the Mysore Program the teacher will not provide hands-on adjustments (this will be possible when led classes are allowed again) but will be there to hold your space for practice and to help verbally as needed.

This will provide a gentle space for everyone to slowly acclimatize to group settings and of course to get back into practice. Because yes, this lockdown has been long and harsh on all of us and it will be wise to move into this next stage slowly and gently.

Please be aware that for now we cannot offer Mysore Beginners classes and that the classes on Zoom will stop after tomorrow - Tuesday the 18th of May will be our last Zoom class.

Note: The Mysore Program classes can be booked with a Delight Mysore Membership, a Delight Introduction Card, a 10/20 Class Card or as a Delight Guest.

####Workshops are canceled until May 31

Unfortunately we are still not able to open our studios for workshops. Meaning all workshops in Amsterdam and The Hague are canceled until the 31st of May. If you have booked a workshop before the 31st of May we will reach out to you as soon as possible with an e-mail to present your options. If you have booked a workshop in June you will hear from us after the 1st of June. Workshops starting from the 9th of June will most likely go ahead as planned. Thank you for understanding the nature of the situation as we practice - not knowing - together.

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