Super Blue Moon in Taurus

Super Blue Moon in Taurus

By: Simona Schimanovich

On Halloween, October 31st, we’ll have a Blue Moon in Taurus. A blue moon is an unusual event as it’s a second full moon in the same month (we had a full moon in Aries on October 1st) – so this is going to be a very powerful time.

The moon is connected to our emotions. Around a full moon they will be particularly amplified and will come up to the surface, so we can process and release them.

The sign of Taurus likes stability, predictability, and routines. But currently Uranus - the planet of disruption, chaos and awakening - is moving through Taurus and will meet with this full moon. Under this influence, we might experience inner turbulence and emotional twists and turns as Uranus always shakes things up.

The Earth sign Taurus is also connected to nature and Mother Earth. This full moon might bring an Awakening that asks us to confront the sad realities of how we have been mistreating our planet and our home. In the last 50 years alone, 70% of our vertebrates have been completely wiped out. So this time now is an opportunity to really look at how we can make significant changes in the way we live – and how we can live in harmony with nature instead.

Go for a walk and take a forest bath in the time of this full moon. Connect to the soothing and healing energies of nature to support yourself if things feel intense. In these times of Awakening, we are learning how to live emotionally and find stability during great change.

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