Super Full Moon in Scorpio

Super Full Moon in Scorpio

By: Simona Schimanovich

In the middle of Taurus season, the Full Moon on May 7th falls in the deep, dark waters of Scorpio. It is the third and last in a series of Super Full Moons, where the moon’s orbit is at its closest proximity to the Earth.

A full moon always amplifies our emotions and draws whatever we are feeling to the surface. Especially when it’s a Super Full Moon – that has a stronger impact as it is so close to the Earth. Especially when it falls into a water sign – as water represents our feelings. And especially when it falls in Scorpio – which is the sign of intensity.

Do you see what I’m getting at…? We are likely feeling intense emotions around the time of this full moon, bringing a sense of release and closure. It will be important to practice self-care and hold a loving space for yourself through whatever might be coming up. Allow yourself to feel your feelings fully and let them pass through to be released. E-motions are energy in motion – they need to simply move through, like clouds or a storm passing through, to clear the air.

Make sure to support yourself in this process and stay rooted in your practices with yoga, meditation and self-care as we dive into the mystical waters of this Scorpio full moon.

Scorpio is a very powerful sign – its energy penetrates deep into what is underneath the surface. It rules over money, sex, and power. It is also connected to the subconscious and is not afraid to uncover our suppressed emotions and shadow side so they can be integrated. Scorpio energy is linked to death, rebirth, and transformation – helping us rise into our supreme power. It teaches the lesson that only by knowing our own depth and darkness can we know our full light.

In this time of global crisis, we are all going through major transformation and rebirth on a collective level. For the new to be born, we first have to let go of the old, release any attachments, and fully embrace this new beginning that we are moving into.

Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto is part of a series of potent constellations that we are experiencing in 2020. As it moves through Capricorn, it is said to bring its power of transformation to all outdated structures.

The world will never be the same again - and this is arguably a good thing. We are all part of an exciting time of birthing a new era. As we allow our own deep transformation under this Scorpio Full Moon, we are contributing to a collective evolution.

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