Super New Moon in Libra

Super New Moon in Libra

By: Simona Schimanovich

As we move into the last weeks of 2020, mid-October brings us a Super New Moon in the sign of Libra. It is the second in a series of Super New Moons and will be the closest to the Earth, so its influence will be felt deeply.

Remember to set your intentions to harness the powerful energies of this new moon and plant the seeds for the months ahead.

Astrologically, we are going through a period of great intensity, lasting until December. There is a lot of tension in the skies and you might be feeling it in one way or another.

The planets in Capricorn – symbolising responsibility, power, governments, rules and regulations – are being challenged by angry Mars in Aries, demanding individual rights and freedom. These aspects represent conflicting needs and a time that shakes everything up. We are moving into a crescendo, one that is bringing the themes of 2020 to a head.

With Mars, the planet of energy and drive, going retrograde you might also be feeling exhausted, tired or sluggish at the moment.

Just before the New Moon, Mercury is joining in retrograde on October 13th – adding to this sense of feeling held back and being forced to pause. The second half of October will be a time to slow down and reflect instead of moving forward.

This is where the Libra energy is bringing us much needed balance. Libra is all about partnership, fairness, justice, and collaboration. It asks: "How can we find a solution, how can we come together and make this work?" Connected to the heart, the sign of Libra invites us to reach out to one another and send each other love and compassion. It asks us to use the challenges of this time to open our hearts and come together as a human family.

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