Super New Moon in Scorpio

Super New Moon in Scorpio

By: Simona Schimanovich

Before we move into Eclipse season, we will have the last in a series of three Super New Moons on November 15th. As it will be close to the Earth, we will feel the influence of this New Moon more strongly, marking a powerful new beginning.

####Falling into the deep, dark waters of Scorpio, it will bring a sense of intensity. Our feelings might be extreme around this time – the moon is connected to our emotions and Scorpio is a water sign that goes deep.

Scorpio energy penetrates. It digs deep and goes to the bottom, way beneath the surface. Ruling over power, money, sex, and intimacy, Scorpio isn’t afraid of taboos. It can reveal secrets and bring disclosure.

Scorpio is the sign of death, rebirth, and spiritual transformation. It has the Scorpion as its symbol as well as the Phoenix, rising reborn from the ashes.

Its ruling planet Pluto, moving through Capricorn, has been one of the major cosmic influences in 2020 – dissolving old structures and creating powerful transformation. Just before the New Moon, on November 12th, we will have the third and final Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction this year. Jupiter expands whatever it touches – creating massive (Jupiter) transformation (Pluto).

November and December give us the last pivotal weeks of this year. The energy of this Super New Moon in Scorpio is inviting us to dig deep and transform what isn’t serving us any longer so we can rise into our true authentic power.

Delight Yoga is offering an online New Moon Circle guided by Simona Schimanovich, where we will come together to share, support each other and set our intentions in a powerful New Moon meditation.

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