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Theme of the month

Theme of the Month: Grow

By: Jurre Twijnstra

At the end of 2021, we asked our students to share their intentions, questions, and needs for the upcoming year with us. Out of these intentions, we shaped 12 themes to guide our community throughout 2022. Each month, a member of the Delight community will share their thoughts on this theme from the heart. We invite you to join our online Monthly Satsang and online Ayurveda Sangha for more inspiration, connection, and spiritual direction.

Please enjoy this month's theme, 'Grow', written by Jurre Twijnstra.

As we enjoy the Delight spaces, we might acknowledge why we appreciate the peaceful serene environment which feels comfortable to the mind. The benches feel like old wood falling apart - a beautiful antiquity. We trick the mind into this comfortable experience which allows us to appreciate the old bench.

But in each invitation to practice, we trick and grow the mind to be in uncomfortable spaces, and slowly we overcome the discomfort and start to even enjoy what was once scary. Inside of what once brought anxiety and fear, now we can feel at peace.

It is in this way that we grow, in playful interactions with our discomfort and fears.

As we grow, our perceptions of our experiences are changing; our horizons expand in space, time, and location.

As seeds of awareness are planted by experience, it’s this awareness that grows the experience of comfort.

As the apanic grounding forces create connections within all dimensions of the body, the prana has the stability to rise and expand All energy centres in growth - All into the energy of the universe.

Life is a mental garden planting endlessly various seeds of awareness beyond dimensions of comprehension.

Grow plants
Grow from plants
Grow the body as plants
Grow mental into physical
Grow physical into energetic
Grow energetic into esoteric
Grow esoteric into All

Grow inwards
Grow in length
Grow with gravity
Grow apanic
Grow yielding
Grow pranic
Grow energetic
Grow esoteric
Grow kundalini

Growth is hard work these days
Grow is a pure luxury that starts between the ears.

Grow contentment
Grow content
Grow universal identity
Grow timeless mind
Grow inner aspiration
Grow sensations of the body
Grow openness to things we don’t know
Grow less certain
Grow the heart feelings
Grow mindless
Grow abilities
Grow fearless
Grow devotion
Grow dedication
Grow to understand we don’t understand

Grow trust in All
Grow seeing all geometry
Grow feelings of geometry
Grow life from geometry
Grow with God, whatever it means to you
Grow with Nature
Grow freedom in mind and body
Grow in space
Grow compassion
Grow Love

Grow a body understanding - input, output
Grow to listen, observe, and receive
Grow to understand how we are formed
Grow cultural appreciation
Grow out of cultures
Grow contact with the breath
Grow awareness in the breath
Grow mindful uninterrupted breathings
Grow in a flow to go
Grow into death
Grow Peace

Grow in sharing
Grow in caring
Grow by seeing your path
Grow your own path
Grow the world organically
Grow your knowledge of your ancestors
Grow to be a good ancestor
Grow to realise we forget things in this life

Grow so we can meet the next life
From some decoration on your path

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