What brings me back to my mat? with Daphne Luttger

What brings me back to my mat? with Daphne Luttger

By: Daphne Luttger

To celebrate our Drop Back to Yoga School offer, we asked our teachers to share what brings them back on the mat. We hope you enjoy learning what inspires our Delight Family to return to their practice and what yoga means to them.

I started my inner journey in 2008 - after travelling the globe and exploring the outer world, I felt strongly that I needed a tool to help me take a step inside.

I found that with yoga - my first yoga class felt like coming home. What I did not know at that time was that coming home was coming home to myself.

Finding balance on the mat

As we all know and experience, life is a big challenge. For me, finding balance every day requires some form of discipline. I find this in my practice - practising and teaching Ashtanga and Yin Yoga.

Moving and breathing on the mat gives me the opportunity to turn inward and observe my feelings and emotions. There, I shine a light on my subconscious mind. Watching the story in my head from a distance and experiencing a connection to something greater and ‘bigger’ when I’m fully present. That bigger thing is beyond words or an idea and at the same time I feel that I am not separated from “that”. So, I am “that”.

Coming to my mat is coming home

I come home to that which I call myself. The love, compassion, and gratitude you can only experience when being awake in the moment - that is what brings me to my mat each time.

We are whole in essence. We are love. And love will overcome.

You can find more about Daphne, her class schedule, and upcoming workshops here.

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