What is Ojas?

What is Ojas?

By: Delight Yoga

Living From Your Heart

Just think of a good batch of fresh cow’s milk - for our non-vegans - and what comes from it when you curdle it: the best part of the milk in the form of cream will be one of the end products.

That is exactly what Ojas is in our bodies, the best part of our Kapha materials in our bodies. Mix that best part with the intelligence of Prana (our life force) and Tjeas (our radiation, our light), and then you create a better picture. It is also good to know that the base station of Ojas is in the right chamber of our heart, which – according to Ayurveda and yoga - is also the seat of your thinking and emotions, and it is your spiritual centre, the seat of God - the true Self.

Ojas provides you with immunity, physically but also energetically and spiritually. In the last sense, it makes you shine with kindness, compassion, love, strength, and humility.

Good Ojas makes you more immune and resistant to ‘trespassers’ from the outside who would like to intrude you and live off of your life force. Therefore, it’s best to keep them outside as much as you can, and ‘kick ass’ if they manage to come in.

We are born with a unique standard dose of this creamy, lightning life force containing subtle substance: how can we keep it intact or, better yet, make it grow?

Loving relationships (with others and yourself) are key to having good quality Ojas.

Daily Secrets of Ayurveda

Ayurveda provides you with daily secrets to cultivate this creamy, lightning life force within us, and here are a few to start out with:

Keep all your three Doshas in balance (we will share how that is done).

Eat good-quality Kapha foods: light fresh – preferably organic – foods with a Madhura taste, i.e. a light, sweet-neutral taste (we will give you a concise list you can rely on).

Keep your digestive flame (your Agni) optimal: good Kapha foods – however optimal – still need to be digested fully, optimally and completely, in order to become ‘new’ Ojas in your body.

Keep your mind and emotions in balance: Satva (clarity, purity) is a quality of Ojas, so in the Ayurvedic body-mind model this is as important as the pure physical part to nourish good Ojas.

In addition to the point above: live your life with true devotion, meaning, genuinely living from your pure heart and in a way that is true to who you are (devotional singing is an extra plus).

Food to Nourish or Boost Your Ojas

Firstly, your Doshas need to be balanced, your Agni needs to be optimal, and you might need a little detox at first. “You cannot paint the walls if there is old dirt on them” – and eating Ojas-promoting foods is like painting the walls.

Afterwards, feel free to eat a healthy daily dose of the following foods:

  • Ghee (Vegan option: the best of stable, vegetable, cold-pressed oils, such as hemp oil).
  • Organic milk (Vegan option: self-made, fresh almond milk).
  • Nuts, preferably a few almonds, soaked and without skin.
  • Dates, preferably the fresh ones, and organic, if possible.
  • Good quality – aromatic smelling – rice or other lighter grains.

Note: You only need small quantities of the above ingredients on a daily basis. The key in this is rather good digestion, which will help it get to where it needs to go in your tissues.

Tip: Learn to make yummy, easily-digestible dishes with these ingredients, spiced up with sweet, digestive spices and herbs, such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and saffron.

In your Kapha 8-Week Lifestyle Program - of which this is week number 1 - you will gradually learn more about Kapha as well as Ojas, in the upcoming 7 weeks.

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