Why we reduced ClassPass spots
Jan 18, 2023

Why we reduced ClassPass spots

A few weeks ago, we a decided to reduce the available number of ClassPass spots in most of our classes. Because we get a lot of questions from ClassPass students, we would like to explain the reason for this decision in this blog.

We understand that practicing with ClassPass has a number of benefits. You can try out different studios and there is more opportunity to find a class that fits your needs and wishes. And on top of that, practicing with ClassPass is often cheaper than buying a Card or Membership from the studio itself. So why not practice with ClassPass right?

A non-sustainable business model

Behind the scenes, however, the ClassPass business model is not sustainable for many studios. ClassPass works with smart algorythms called SmartRate and SmartSpot that are tuned in a way that is beneficial for ClassPass but not for the studios. Over time we saw the pay per student drop while the amount of ClassPass spots in our classes increased beyond our control. Because these algorithms don’t take into account costs such as rent, utilities, employee salaries etc, working with ClassPass became a serious jeopardy to our financial situation.

We honour the third yama Asteya that describes “don’t take anything that is not given to you”. Therefore, we can no longer agree with the way ClassPass operates at this moment. This led to the decision to reduce the ClassPass spots in most of our classes.

Combine ClassPass and Delight

Of course, we would like to keep supporting you in your practice at Delight. If you want to be sure of a spot in your favourite class, it is possible to combine a Delight Card or Membership with your ClassPass subscription. Ask our Community Care Department or one of our hosts in the studios for guidance on which Card or Membership suits your needs best.

We would also like to make a request for your cooperation. If you have any remarks or complaints about practicing with us through ClassPass, please contact ClassPass directly. Many voices can make a change.

Thank you for your understandig and we hope to see you soon in our studios!

With love,

The Delight Team

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