How to work with November's New and Full Moon

by Simona Schimanovich


Each month, Simona guides online New Moon and Full Moon Circle- where we come together to share and set our intentions in a powerful New Moon meditation or learn more about the cosmic energies and move through powerful practices during the Full Moon. Enjoy her overview of the upcoming month's lunar significations.

As we move into the last weeks of 2021, November takes us into Eclipse Season, which is always a powerful time of change and evolution.

November brings us a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus, which is followed by a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in early December.

Lunar Eclipses are considered to be points of closure and completion, whereas Solar Eclipses bring fresh beginnings. Whatever isn’t serving us anymore can fall away in this time to be transformed before we start into a new chapter.

November 4th - New Moon in Scorpio

Before we move into Eclipse season we’ll have the New Moon on November 4th. Falling into the deep, dark waters of Scorpio, it will bring a sense of intensity. 

Our feelings might be very strong around this time – as the moon is connected to our emotions and Scorpio is a water sign that goes deep. 

Scorpio energy penetrates. It digs deep and goes to the bottom, way beneath the surface. Ruling over power, money, sex, and intimacy Scorpio isn’t afraid of taboos. It can reveal secrets and bring disclosure of what has been hidden under the surface.

Scorpio is the sign of death, rebirth, and spiritual transformation. Its symbol is the Scorpion, which sheds its old skin like a snake, as well as the Phoenix, which rises reborn from the ashes.

The energy of this New Moon in Scorpio is inviting us to dig deep and transform what isn’t serving us any longer so we can rise into our true authentic power. 

November 19th - Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

As we move into Eclipse season, the 19th of November will bring us a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. Like a supercharged Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse represents a point of completion and closure. It can bring sudden changes that ask us to release what isn’t serving us from a higher perspective as we start into a fresh chapter.

Taurus is connected to nature and the Earth - this Lunar Eclipse could shine a spotlight on environmental themes and how we are using the Earth’s resources.

Taurus also rules over finances and our values, which might experience major shifts under this influence.

This Earth sign likes stability, predictability, and routine. But Uranus – the planet of disruption, chaos and awakening – is currently moving through Taurus, amplifying sudden shifts and shaking things up.

Go for a walk and take a forest bath in the time of this full moon. Connect to the soothing and healing energies of nature to support yourself if things feel intense. In these times of Awakening, we are learning how to simplify and find inner stability during great change. 

About Simona Schimanovich

Simona takes people on powerful journeys guiding them into a deeper connection with themselves and to live more fully from the heart. She is passionate about sharing yoga as a powerful practice for healing and growth. She loves the richness and expression of Vinyasa Flow and teaches vibrant, soulful classes with creative sequencing. Her teaching is inspired by the elements and cycles of nature.