Yoga & Motherhood: Explore Prenatal Yoga

Yoga & Motherhood: Explore Prenatal Yoga

By: Delight Yoga

Are you expecting a baby or just curious about the benefits yoga offers pregnant women?

Prenatal Yoga gives you the opportunity to embrace your changing body and support this process by practising meditation and yoga postures, in combination with breathing- and relaxation exercises and specific poses that can be used during delivery.

####Yoga and Pregnancy

Your pregnancy can be a beautiful, special time, providing an opportunity to turn inward and get in touch with yourself and the baby you are carrying. In a short period of time, the body goes through a great transformation, getting ready for birth. We offer two types of Prenatal Yoga classes that will support you during the second and third trimester of your pregnancy.

**Note: If you are in your first trimester we advise you NOT to practice yoga. **

####Prenatal Yoga

A gentle class that focuses on relaxation and letting go. Soft stretching and light strengthening combined with calm breathing will help to relieve tension that accumulates during pregnancy as the body goes through a lot of change. It helps train the breath, body, and mind to relax.

####Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga

An empowering class that will help you to create strength and stamina needed during this transformative time. By moving with your breath in a modified vinyasa flow, you’ll greatly increase your ability to connect with your inner strength in preparation of childbirth. The class always ends with deep relaxation.

####Other yoga styles during Pregnancy

It is possible to practice other styles of yoga in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy, but please always let the teacher know that you are pregnant before the class starts. When practising in a regular class please be mindful and avoid deep twisting, deep backbends, breath retention and inversions. Being pregnant is a transformative and natural state in a woman’s life.

####The Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

  • Helps avoiding cramps and liquid stagnation
  • Strengthens and releases different group muscles
  • Positively affects the baby’s position in the womb
  • Massages the abdomen, stimulates digestion and reduces nausea
  • Uplifts the level of energy
  • Helps reaching tranquility and calms the nervous system
  • Releases tensions in the lower part of the body, cervix and the birth canal
  • Makes the pelvis bowl elastic and supple

####Prenatal Yoga Workshops


Motherheart Circle: Celebrating You

With Asha Hossain

29 August 2020

It’s time to step into our power and let our heart guide us. It’s time to finally and fully say yes to who we truly are! There’s no need to hide anymore.


€ 30

Alignment Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth - Online

With Kamini Stam

Starting on 01 September 2020

This comprehensive online course offers you the chance to get in-form-ed on how to align body and mind in preparation for a positive birth experience, wherever you'd like to birth.


€ 85

Birth Circle for an Active Birth

With Pascale Bonnet

05 September 2020

This circle will be an opportunity for pregnant women to experience the intimacy and empowerment of sharing their process with other women, in a safe and gentle environment.


€ 55

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