Yoga Playlist: Cooling Down Pitta

Yoga Playlist: Cooling Down Pitta

By: Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman

This is the season where we all come out to play. Everyone is in a space of wanting to be outside, playing, in the park - especially after the lockdown we've had. It's a time to enjoy the warm weather, the lovely play of the fire element. This fire element gives us passion and a strong appetite - not just for food but for life. In Pitta Season you want to taste all the flavours of life, which is why we all like to travel during this time.

But it's when this fire is in excess that we need to take care. To keep ourselves cool and fresh and cultivate a happy playful fire, we want to drink cool (not cold!) coconut water and pomegranate juice, fresh room temperature water, and use mint and hibiscus to make iced tea. Eating watermelon and cucumber or anything green is a wonderful way to keep Pitta fresh, happy and healthy. All of these tips keep the blood fresh and healthy so the red blood cells are happy and vibrant.

Tory has created a Spotify playlist to help you stay cool during this playful season - check it out below!

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