What is Vinyasa Krama?

by Fleur van Zonneveld & Moena de Jong

Vinyasa Krama: the art of flow

Fluidity is our nature. All that exists arises and passes: it’s born, it is, and eventually ceases. How we move within this continuous cycle pretty much determines our experience of joy.

Vinyasa Krama can be explained as connecting each movement in synchronization with the breath, but that is an understatement. Vinyasa Krama represents every detail of the full cycle; the breath and movement as well as the energy, transitions, the base of each Asana, the fluidity within them, and the movement out of the pose to create a transition for the next one. It’s an intelligent, interwoven cycle where everything is interconnected.

Dive into Vinyasa Krama with Fleur and Moena

This November, Moena and Fleur   are leading an inspirational 50-hour training for teachers where they will create a foundation and guide their students through this practice of intelligent layering.

A Vinyasa sequence has a specific build-up where every pose and transition is placed in a fluid and conscious order (or 'intelligent sequencing'). Vinyasa doesn’t just look and feel like a fun practice - the whole experience is a consciously chosen flow towards a specific peak, which can be a peak pose, an energetic peak, or a theme that is interwoven from the beginning to the end of the sequence.

You could say it’s a true creative art. Layer by layer and with logical, clear and fundamental steps, Moena & Fleur will enrich your knowledge of teaching to create a deeper understanding of the complete concept of Vinyasa Krama.

What will you learn?

Fleur will share her knowledge of theming, explaining how you can bring themes into your classes in such a way that it becomes part of the complete cycle. She will give you specialized skills in how to guide your students with verbal and energetic assisting.

Moena will enrich your journey with tools in how to guide students with different levels of experience so you can serve every individual within their own needs, even in a group setting. She will also explain how to give asana modifications, based on the capacity and construction of one’s body, so you can guide your students to their full potential. She will take you into the art of manual assisting and how to provide this in a flow.

Interested in learning more about the art of flow? See more information and link to book your spot here.

The purpose is to move from individual to cosmic experiences. From temporary yoga bliss to unconditional boundless joy. 

About Fleur van Zonneveld & Moena de Jong

About Fleur Fleur first came in contact with yoga while studying at the Dance Academy. Having started her career as a dancer, she now finds dance and yoga to be the perfect combination. Initially attracted to the physical side of yoga, she was soon captivated by the world that lies behind asana practice. Yoga became her passion.