Online Monthly Ayurveda Sangha

take your yoga practice off the mat and into your daily life.

At Delight Yoga, we offer monthly Ayurveda Sangha Special Classes guided by expert teachers online.

Welcome to our Ayurvedic Sangha. In this monthly online special class, Victoria will help you take your yoga practice off the mat and into your daily life. Using her Ayurvedic perspective, she will share her thoughts on our monthly theme, answer your questions, and help you transform your daily life. Expect herbal and household remedies, mantras (healing sound vibrations), mudras (gestures, expressions to awaken healing), foods, and other lifestyle tips.

What is Sangha?

Spiritual community (sangha) is very important for us to feel connected and supported, particularly when we are going through challenging times, both individually and globally. This Sangha will serve as a reminder that all of life, every minute, is spiritual life. We look forward to supporting you on your path, in all ways.

This class can be booked through the regular schedule (two weeks in advance)

2022 Dates

7 February 2022
7 March 2022
4 April 2022
16 May 2022
6 June 2022
4 July 2022
1 August 2022
5 September 2022
3 October 2022
7 November 2022
5 December 2022

Monthly Sangha Schedule

You can book your class two weeks in advance

Ayurveda Sangha Teachers

Experience an Ayurveda Sangha taught by an expert teacher

Victoria Raven Hyndman
Online / Amsterdam Nieuwe Achtergracht

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