Traditional yoga to balance the body and mind.

Hatha Yoga is a traditional yoga method that includes postures (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama), Meditation, Chanting, and hand gestures (Mudra). The emphasis in Hatha Yoga is on balancing body, energy, and mind.


In a Hatha Yoga class, you move in a gentle way. The hatha yoga postures are designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, openness, balance, and relaxation. The classes typically consist of 50% active poses and 50% relaxing poses. Practising Hatha Yoga on a regular basis will allow prana (life force) to flow freely, reduce anxiety and stress, invite steadiness of breathing, clarity of mind, improve circulation and flexibility.

Hatha & Pranayama

We also offer Hatha & Pranayama classes. These classes can be quiet and meditative but also physical and challenging at times, with a strong emphasis on breathing. Yogic breathing exercises (Pranayama) are designed to harness the power of Prana to open and clear our energy channels (Nadis) for the purpose of removing the obstacles to higher awareness and to promote physical vitality. Pranayama offers a set of simple breathing techniques which help to cleanse and stabilizing body and mind. With a regular Pranayama practice, more vital energy is made available for the body and mind.

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